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  1. So it did not post the 1st won so I changed it and post it again. Now I see only this one. So I am not sure what went on. Sorry for clogging up thing with my 3 extra posts. Anyway, it makes the place look busy
  2. Hey man, we're friends through Soroosh. You're in my friends list... send me a platoon invite any time.

  3. I am on around 7 est till 1 am ish most weeknights. looking for people to run t9's with. E
  4. Send invite I'll ignore No really send it always looking for t9 buddies!
  5. I'll play badly with you also! I play almost all t9's E
  6. I love running 9's look for me online Egospartan Win8 around 2300 in 9's
  7. Confirmation bias your view on Confirmation bias, which is confirmed by my Confirmation bias. Have I express my hatred for this over used dismissive term! On a side note I think the OP has Confirmation bias and the sample size is too damn small!
  8. That's the way it seems to me also. I do enjoy it so far in randoms.
  9. hmm just wondering, have you played it or any games in the last 30 days?
  10. So far I am enjoying this tank. Fast the gun is not a total potato; I even snipped a few tanks. I wonder if it will replace the 113 as meta?
  11. I like it, like any light you play hide and seek and pick your spots. All around a middle of the road light tank. It is in my nightly tank rotation.
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