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  1. Some of you might have seen the charts I've been putting on expressman.us via Reddit or the Wargaming forum. I've been developing a spreadsheet of ship information on which to base my charts. What I'm having trouble with is how to calculate multiple upgrades on one thing. For example: Stock Main Battery: x Upgraded firing systems: +10% Advanced Firing Training: +20% Do you calculate one stacked on the other, or separately then added together. Max = (Stock * 1.1) + (Stock * 1.2) or Max = Stock * .1 * .2 The difference is small but significant. Take the Battleship Iowa: Stock MB: 21 Aiming Syst
  2. I've had a recourring issue lately of really ineffective platooning. I've seen a lot of tactical guides for Strongholds (ala 7v7-15v15) but I haven't seen much about platoon level tactics. Is there a place to find it or is it just not frequently discussed? I see a lot of talk about platoon matchups and "fail platoons", but not the actual close-coordination in battle. My general impression that working as a trio to scout, engage, pin, flank, and destroy is pretty straightforward. But actually coordinating that is eluding me. I tend to fall into calling a match, even when I am the least
  3. If you're making a snap shot into the side of a nearby tank, is it alright to go center mass (inside the track loop) or is it worth risking a miss by going above it for a possible ammo rack?
  4. Fantastic article. Especially since I recently got the KT. Thanks for telling everyone how to kill me. Actually they seem pretty proficient at it anyways. When I'm up against tier IX it seems they'll pen me no matter how extreme my sidescrape is. I'd venture to say the majority of bounces in practice are off the side of my turret. I look forward to the article on ammo selection, as I have been lazy and have almost exclusively used AP (except with my 36.01 H in Strongholds, in which case I shoot a lot of gold). That is definitely an area I need to give more attention.
  5. There is a RDDT9 now, or as I like to call it, RDDT6 Austrailia.
  6. Thanks Shifty_101st, and Pale Rider. Actually I follow a lot more than those two streamers. I'm about to drop Circon cause he's annoying. Anfield is cool except he seems to keep to his favorite Tier X tanks pretty strictly, so I've had trouble (think my tier IV-VI days) translating his tactics into low-performance tanks. I assume as I climb these last few rungs I'll find him more relevant. He's also rabidly anti-arty. At least QB and Jingles acknowledge the tactical usefulness of them (despite Jingles jabs at them), and Zeven seems out outright embrace them. I'll have to check out some o
  7. As I'm coming into tier 8, I feel myself more frustrated than ever at pub matches. I'm starting to feel like lower tiers are less aggrivating because good players can carry tomatos, but these higher tier games... I feel like most of the games we lose (I take my fair share of blame for not yet being a consistently great contributor to my team) are due to heavies going off odd ways, doing their own thing, causing us to not have overwhelming force where we need it most. For example recently I feel like a lot of heavies aren't pushing the NW corner of El Halluf (and of course we get crushed).
  8. Hello all. Long-time listener, first time caller. I've been playing WoT since August. Try to play as much as I can and still balance work and family life. I was in RDDT6 for a few months. Hoping to qualify for another Reddit company eventually (generally means getting the WIN8 north of 1200). Here are my modest stats: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/Expressman Ive had a few good games in my short career: http://wotreplays.com/uploader/Expressman/id/433132 I tend to play each tank type somewhat evently. Also I went strictly German for now. I'm starting to itch to start other nationalit
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