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  1. How so? I tend to go with just one without any real issues. As for my opinions on the deck, I'd get rid of the T-80UK. Swap out either the Malkas or the Msta for a cheaper mortar unit. With the tanks, I'd dump at least the T-80B for a card of T-64Bs. I might get rid of both T-62Ms or one with the T-55AM2s and replace them with another card of T-64Bs and a heavier tank (Upwards of 100 points.) However, I can see the appeal of the 2800m ATGM range for the T-62Ms, so it's up to you. I might drop the Mi-24VP down to just the V for the sake of price in comparison to the Mi-28 (unless yo
  2. So I take it this is where the Wargame discussion is now? Haven't played ALB in a while now. I tried getting into EE over the summer because of the campaign and the timeframe, but it never really caught on with me (interface is bothersome.) RD is where I'm mostly at lately and I'm mostly happy with balance there. If only I could win a match though . As far as the deck style in RD, I guess I've kind of gotten used to it. The only areas that I'd commonly use 6 cards in ALB were infantry and occasionally support. Other than that I'm fine with 5.
  3. I'm still around too, just not so much as of late with school starting back up. With the exception of a few things (and completely ignoring naval,) I feel the state of the game is in a pretty good place.
  4. Bumping this because I have unfortunately encountered a problem. My computer will occasionally freeze/crash randomly on me (three times in the week.) I haven't noticed any particular pattern to the freezing, but the effect is the same each time: screen goes grey, locks up, and doesn't respond to anything, resulting in me just holding the front power button to turn off and restart. The times it has happened while I was gaming, the music in the background still plays fine. Some digging for a possible diagnosis hasn't yielded anything, but I do not think it is heat-related. No anomalies in m
  5. Well, the wiring is all done, drivers all installed, and he somehow had a copy of Windows 7 and put that and some other programs on too. Everything seems to be working fine. I'd say then that this thread has fulfilled its purpose. Once again, thank you all for your help.
  6. Oddly, the board did not come with a manual, just some quick instruction guide. Referencing an online version did not help. I was able to get the computer to someone today who is much more skilled with computers, and they will finish wiring everything for me. He also said he could hook me up with an adapter that will allow the front panel USB cord to go into one of the ports on the motherboard.
  7. Alright, the case finally arrived last night and I got most of the assembly out of the way. Most of the it wasn't too hard, but the motherboard is being a bit of a problem piece. It didn't really fit in the best, but I believe it is sturdy enough to not worry about. The big issue now is with the wires, specifically the front panel ones. I can't find where all the small ones (LED and related) connect to on the motherboard and the USB 3.0 cable does not have an appropriate spot to go in either. The hope was to go and take it to someone today, but I do not know if either of our schedules wil
  8. All my parts shipped and they should all be here in the next 24 hours (except for the case which had some shipping anomaly.) However, I have gotten hung up on the process of obtaining a key for the operating system. I would like to use the link Never provided, but I do not have a Reddit account and do not intend to wait 30 days to comment even if I got one. Could someone lend me some help regarding the matter? I intend to get two keys.
  9. Can anyone with an account on Reddit please lend a guy a hand here?

  10. Alright, I will probably start ordering parts tomorrow based on Never's list. Here goes nothing. I will post any further questions concerning assembly if I have them, but I have found someone in town who should be able to help me. Once again, thanks for all the help.
  11. I will be trying to keep my gaming activity to moderate levels at most, so the GTX 750 Ti is still be preferred option. Is there any particular reason for your choice of CPU? Could there potentially be a cheaper alternative? Would there be much of a price difference or reason to get a 500GB or so Hard Drive compared to 1TB?(Wondering if 1TB may be excessive) Everything else looks good. Also, could you kind of explain this whole business of getting Windows by key? I do not have an account on Reddit either. Thank you so much for the help.
  12. My birthday is coming soon this month, which is part of the reason why I need to make a choice in a timely manner (the computer was not intended to be a birthday present), so I suppose I could get some support from that. However, the price is still a bit higher than I'd like. The graphics card in particular seems to be more than I am wanting/needing. If one or both are compatible with the setup, I would prefer either the Radeon R7 265 or the GTX 750 Ti. The biggest problem I had with building a computer was finding all the parts that would fit my need and budget. With your all's help n
  13. The benefactor for this purchase of mine has said that I need make a decision soon. So, at this point, I'm thinking that I will probably go with the third choice that I had listed above. Any final thoughts on this one? It should give me what I need and still allow me to spend some money on other peripherals (any specific items you all would recommend?) It is my intention also to see if I can't upgrade the graphics card to that AMD R7 265*. *Edit: Would the GTX 750 ti be compatible with the AMD processor?
  14. Decided to take a break from RD. The DLC can't come soon enough.
  15. I should probably say that I have a total budget of $800 something, with some being used for accessories and some hopefully being leftover. Okay, here were a few that I was looking at: http://www.shopping.hp.com/en_US/home-office/-/products/Desktops/HP-Pavilion/F9A61AV;pgid=jpxA9KYA6SZSRpsx_SC1l9MP0000zDelxbW1;sid=jgemanLIowyLaiF6iYHy6qvHvqia_kJnspN60ym-CYvsqxJYyc6m4jcy?HP-Pavilion-500-205t-Desktop-PC-with-Windows-7 http://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-essentio-desktop-amd-a10-series-8gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive/3026531.p?id=1219086171062&skuId=3026531&st=categoryid$abcat0501000&
  16. Before I begin, I would like to say that by no means am I a computer-savvy individual. I know most basic and intermediate things related to using computers, but I am still uneducated on the more technical details related to parts and programming. Anyway, I plan on getting a new computer for myself for school next year. I looked into building my own computer, but have since settled on finding a prebuilt retail one. It is my intention to go for something that is geared towards schoolwork and moderate-level gaming and fits a budget of around $500 (excluding items such as keyboard, mouse, s
  17. I have (but don't really use) a Canon A4000. Decent point-and-click pocket camera that has given me some pretty good shots. I just find myself using my phone's camera (Moto X) and my newer DSLR (Nikon D60) more in its place lately.
  18. Actually liking campaign so far. Some story and characters is nice, and units at the regiment/brigade level allows you to be more creative, if you will. Lack of some units entirely can also make things interesting in battle. AI seems better, but it still cheats. Overall, I find RD enjoyable, but I wouldn't say it lived up to the hype (could use some more polish). That last bit goes especially for Naval battles. I don't intend to play any of them anytime soon. Waiting to see what's coming up so far as patching and DLCs, especially concerning NWSP and Scandinavia.
  19. The decks system (card limit of five for everything, expensive transport availability, and wonky specialization rules) are a slight put off for me at the moment. The fact that most of my games have been artillery-laden campfests is really the biggest issue for me though. Lots of new units to play with (I adore the Ka-52) but plenty of the high tier stuff still needs to be adjusted, mainly concerning pricing and avialability. Acknowledging this is still earlier stages of the beta, but I may try getting some more ALB in over RD now.
  20. F-14 op nerf now

  21. Last campaign is pretty easy; finished it in 7 days (out of the 20 given to complete.) Still never got to use that US armored brigade though.
  22. Wouldn't rate my self as the best player out there, but here are my thoughts: Logistics: Seems fine, about what I do (one card of armored CV, two of supply rigs.) Could potentially throw in another CV card just to get a few more. Infantry: No Riflemen. Big problem not having any basic infantry. Would personally recommend two cards of them, with one in a fast wheeled transport and another in an armored IFV. Stinger I guess is fine, but I'd trade it out for either light infantry so you can keep some ATGMs or Delta Force for city or forest fighting (personally would like to know how to u
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