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    Scolopax got a reaction from Never in Questions from a Computer Noob   
    Well, the wiring is all done, drivers all installed, and he somehow had a copy of Windows 7 and put that and some other programs on too. Everything seems to be working fine. I'd say then that this thread has fulfilled its purpose.

    Once again, thank you all for your help.
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    Scolopax reacted to sela in #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread   
    ** For those of you coming from the official boards, check out earlier pages for some funny hatemail/messages that I couldn't post on the official forums **
    Good evening. My name is sela and I would like to give you a summary of the events of the last few days. Much of the information posted about the whole incident is generally hearsay and rumors, so I would like to set the record straight.
    Before we begin, let me give you some background on who I am and what I have been doing. My has been published for over nine (9) months and been freely available on both the official boards and here on WoTLabs. I have been streaming World of Tanks on Twitch for almost 5 months. During that time I have also on WoTLabs, where this was first posted, and where I freely give my time and assistance to NA and EU players looking to improve. Additionally, I have been posting helpful replays and assistance for a very long time (almost two years). 
    Regarding the use of these mods: I began using the particular mods in questions about two weeks ago (2/28-ish). Before we start discussing this, let me define a few words for you, since they are bandied around with various connotations:
    cheat/cheating - breaking a rule or law to gain an advantage illegal - contrary to or forbidden by law  
    Now, these "minimap enhancement" mods are not, by definition, cheats or illegal, compared to any other modification. In fact, the current rules that govern this sort of thing for the North American server are either extremely vague or nonexistent. When I found these mods, I made sure to do my homework. 
    The rules as currently written:
    From the EULA:  
    From the TOS:  
    From the wiki:  
    From the "Mod Responsibly" video  
    From that video, the post shown is this thread, which links to the official RU boards here. Which is actually amusing, since the thread progresses to everyone saying that there are no illegal mods on the NA server, and the OP took the post down (it's quoted on page 4).   
    Now, the policy that many of you refer to (found here) is an agreement that almost every player does not see, read, or sign. The reason? This is a list of modifications that should not be created or developed. At no point in the policy does it state that the mod types listed in section 5 (and really, the entire thing) apply to players.  
    RU and EU have policies on banned mods; SEA does not. NA has no list, therefore, the assumption is that there are no illegal mods on the NA server. There had been no official posts by WGNA on any of these conversations, and no listing of the various minimap mods that I used. To me, this was (is) tacit approval of the "no illegal mods on NA" stance. Let's be frank - any and all modifications are treated the same per a literal interpretation of the EULA/TOS: bannable. However, the policy in practice, per these sources, is that mods are okay, and nothing is illegal. 
    Regarding the reasons why I would use them: Were they unethical? Absolutely. Were they illegal? No, not according to WGNA policy. It was never my intent to run a specifically illegal mod - there are some out there that have clearly been defined as illegal (tracers, lasers, etc). Were the mods that I used listed somewhere as being illegal to use - I would not have used them. I am an intelligent individual - do you think I would have streamed my use of these mods if I felt like it was breaking a clearly defined rule? Now - given the lack of information available, and the inability or unwillingness on the part of WGNA to publish a list of banned mods, I decided to take advantage of the situation and see what these mods did, how they performed, if they helped me, etc. Why should I limit myself based on what other people deem unethical? It is obvious that opinions on the matter vary by a huge margin - some people believe any mod is a cheat, others believe that only some are. Frankly, the majority of the mods I had already been using (and which are deemed 100% legal) are far more advantageous than the minimap mods I had just begun using. 
    Regarding the sanctions themselves: at approximately 3:00am on March 8th, I was (unexpectedly) permanently banned from World of Tanks for "Illegal Modifications" and "Promoting and provoking EULA violations". I attempted to log into an alt account (that I have never used) which was banned as well. At this point, I spoke to several people, who spoke with WGNA on my behalf, to clarify as to why I received a permanent ban without reason or explanation. Since then, the permanent ban has been removed as it was mistakenly applied - seeing as the WGNA policy on banned mods was, as previously shown, nonexistent. I received a temporary 7-day ban instead, for attempting to circumvent the original (and mistakenly applied) ban by using an alt account. From that point, after the reddit thread and FTR post, the situation exploded, and everyone can look through WoTLabs, the official NA and EU forums, etc. to see what the reaction has been. 
    Let me address a few other things, while I'm here.
    @Laera from WGNA - thank you for the apology. While I obviously feel like I should not have been banned at all, I do understand the position that you, and WGNA, is in as a company as a whole. I understand that setting the wrong precedent, one way or the other, should be avoided and a compromise in between the two sides was unavoidable. I truly hope that, as a result of this situation, the list of illegal mods (and punishment for abuse of said mods) is made and published in a clear, concise manner, similar to what has been done on EU and RU.  @T3azz - thanks for the apology. Had a good time platooning. @Silentstalker/Rita - I'm not sure where you got the idea that I was harassing Rita, as I do respect her for being a good streamer and an asset to the community. Similarly, while I disagree with your opinion on myself, I do appreciate the work you put into FTR and thank you for it. In regards to accusations of covering the minimap while streaming - I do this on purpose, occasionally, to attempt to combat "stream-sniping" (where a member of the opposing team will watch my stream in order to learn my team's positions, etc). I can put a delay on the stream - but this defeats the main purpose of streaming, which is to communicate with viewers. A several-minute delay effectively prevents this; therefore, the main way to combat it is to hide the minimap. My clan was, at some level, aware of the mod pack I publish, but never said anything about the mods being banned, nor that I should stop using them. Additionally, as always, my words and works are in no way representative of [-G-] as a whole. Similarly, I do feel that anyone vigorously and furiously rage-posting on the forums in a self-righteous, white-knighting manner are not representative of the clan as a whole. I do not have any negative feelings toward SIMP for this (aside from the pre-existing competitive rivalry, of course ).  
    In regards to everyone else, feel free to discuss with me here, via PM on the official WG forums or the WoTLabs forums, on Twitter, or on Twitch. By all means, continue to support or vilify me. It's your choice - this is the internets after all. I find most of the invective hilarious, to be quite honest - the more you get angry and post about how deeply offended you are, the more I am laughing. 
    Finally, I invite you to join me on my Twitch stream to watch quality tanking, see my mod pack in action, or have a discussion with me (or my viewers).
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    Scolopax reacted to Deusmortis in How to get free McDonald's sammiches, cheap recipes, or healthcare in general   
    You got the potato shift.  Enable drive through XVM, and go to purple McD's.
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    Scolopax reacted to Cartoonman in What's the ugliest tank in the game?   
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    Scolopax reacted to ArmoredCorps in How do you improve?   
    As stated flatly or in-as-many words, decision making, and not mere driving and gun control, are what make unicums. 
    If you don't already have a firm grasp of the core game mechanics, you need to. 
    If you don't have a finer understanding of things like the time after-being spotted (I call it the 'residual spot' where you're still on the map for a few seconds after the last enemy eye can detect you), proximity spots (50M), double-bushing, etc., you need to. These are situational, tactical tools which enhance your survivability. 
    If you're not adept at scouting, brawling, medium play or SPG's on this account, you need to think about free xp'ing into every class of vehicles so you can keep up an understanding of those vehicles as the game gets continuously patched, esp. with the 8.6+ era of penetration nerf-creep and arty... changes. (I refuse to say nerfs anymore) 
    Finally, when you simply think you got the driving aspect of the game down, you need to read guides like Garbad's about how and why he makes decisions, and realize that decisions aren't made in a vacuum -- they're made with an available set of information every player can potentially pick up in the game, starting with platoon composition (tier, tanks, players), then team, enemy and allied, map, spawn, how heavy arty are, if one team is stacked on lights/meds/heavies/td's, make predictions if they'll camp, rush, play conservatively, etc., and finally, just observe and learn how games flow on maps. 
    Half or more of being a unicum is map reading, flexing, and generalized decision making.
    And what's required to make the right decisions is taking in as much information as quickly as possible, all the time. 
    Situational awareness, short and long-term recall (of tank positions for the former, of armor layouts and gun capabilities as an example of the latter), are the foundation of good decision making. 
    So this is what you should focus most strongly on.
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