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    Kristoffon got a reaction from SkittlesOfSteeI in Elimination: Tier 10 - E5 Triumphant! (COMPLETE)   
    FV215b: 6
    TVP T50/51: 27
    E 100: 16 <3 noob-proof box of shit everyone fears <3
    T110E5: 30
    M48 Patton: 26
    AMX 50B: 30 fuck autoloaders  
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    Kristoffon got a reaction from cpraf104 in Elimination: Tier 10 - E5 Triumphant! (COMPLETE)   
    FV215b: 6
    TVP T50/51: 27
    E 100: 16 <3 noob-proof box of shit everyone fears <3
    T110E5: 30
    M48 Patton: 26
    AMX 50B: 30 fuck autoloaders  
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    Kristoffon reacted to Politx_Killer in Upcoming map called 'The Ridge'   
    Its got a beach. 45%ers will love it
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    Kristoffon reacted to GehakteMolen in Elimination: Tier 10 - E5 Triumphant! (COMPLETE)   
    (just looking at unicum / super unicum)
    heavys > mediums for winning, especially in platoon (but also solo) no armor, like leopard or bat chat simply means you trow away many games, stomping tier 8 tanks also gives more wins as beating tier 10 tanks. Mobility is ofc important, but it gets overrated, main advantage of beiing fast is to get at the frontline fast enough, so IS7, with ghetto turning but good straight line speed is ``just as fast`` as an E50m in 90% of the situations...
    also ``flexing`` sounds rly nice, but most of the time you go to a certain side, and you
    Win that (and go back) You get overrun and will eventually die Your flexing is thus 90% of the time useless, especially since more flex means less power, an E100 doesnt need to be ``flexible``, since it will just stomp all puny tanks in front of it....
    The E100 is simply the best tier 10 heavy (ties with E5), its ``weak turret front``, doesnt matter, since you only show it when you are reloaded (corner fighting anyone?) with 2700 hp, 750 alpha dmg and an impervious UFP there is not a single tank in the game which can defeat an E100 head on, driving a tank which can just fight anythign 1vs1 is suchs a powerfull asset. E5`s are super annoying to face, but an E100? it can 3 shot it, and HEAT wont bounce, unless rly unlucky, just get close and stomp him. You win shit trade, and if he rushes you, just puhs him to a wal, get him stuck, and fuck him up.
    The E100 is due to stronk wg balancing (TD nerfs, maps) nowadays synonyms for power, it 3 shots almost anything it sees, and it needs only 32 seconds for that. On top of that it gets ridiculous much HP, the best ``anti-arty-armor`` of the game, an impervious UFP, an turret which can only be penetrated with gold ammo, large ammo capacity (IS4 and 113 say hi) good gun depression, and not that slow (it needs a good crew, so vent + bia + 2x mobility perk).
    Maus and type 5 are examples of a shit super heavys, E100 is a example of a strong super heavy...
    ps: the ``weak`` E100 turret is as strong as IS7 UFP, both bounce AP, both get penetrated by gold ammo, so anyone who says IS7 gets a strong UFP also says E100 gets a strong turret front....
    Now it gets hard, i wanna negreg Fv215b, since its probably the worst of the list (but alrdy did once) bat chat, because its the second weakest, or T62, because Obj 140 > T62, and Obj 140 is alrdy out, hmm
    Batchat 25t: 5
    FV215b: 17 - 3 = 14, i guess bat chat will be kill anyway, so i will alrdy downvote this again, would be silly to see all ru meds go before the Fv goes...
    T-62A: 8
    TVP T50/51: 24 
    E 100: 21 + 1 = 22,
    E 50 M: 12
    T110E5: 29
    M48: 29
    ps: E100 and E5 are the best heavys, E50m, M48, Obj 140 and Skoda the best meds, its imo hard to say whats better
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    Kristoffon reacted to Fulcrous in Upcoming map called 'The Ridge'   
    See all those trees and bushes in spawn?
    Well yeah. This map is already shit because of that.
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    Kristoffon reacted to Cunicularius in Cuni's Replays   
    Just a bunch of random stuff:
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    Kristoffon reacted to Cunicularius in Cuni's Replays   
    http://wotreplays.com/site/2676460#fjords-cunicularius-waffentr_ger_auf_pz_iv 8 kills waffle4
    http://wotreplays.com/site/2676465#overlord-cunicularius-waffentr_ger_auf_pz_iv blub
    http://wotreplays.com/site/2676467#teams TASTY TASTY WAFFLES
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    Kristoffon reacted to Cunicularius in Cuni's Replays   
    i duno wat ive ben doin but im getin lots of demij
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    Kristoffon reacted to CraBeatOff in Florb is bad-- but triggers insight from Crab   
    They're the best for going some place and winning the fight. Now, take it to the next level, with these crabby tips:
    Are there less than 6 tanks total going to your flank? If not consider other deployment options. 
    Do you expect more ( either in quantity, or tier/armor/firepower quality ) of their tanks in your flank? If so consider other deployment options.
    If you still think you need to deploy to a given area (and you might actually be correct) then consider that most brawl zones now have 2 or 3 rows of potential engagement points. If your team is strong, then engage forward. If they're weak, then engage in one of the safer rows. If you're not sure of the enemy tank count (and most times you won't be because 400m lanes of fire and thus vision are now almost all gone) THEN FOR GOD'S SAKE STAY SAFE, BACK, AND UNCOMMITTED until you've got a count.
    With every map chopped up this is the single most frequent error I see among my platoon mates and assorted top tier tanks. They fail to count or wait to count. They push to the most aggressive position, they play well, but ultimately no one is better than the numbers. NA pubbies can be stupid, but they also know how to win a 4v1. 
    I see this especially among returning players. It used to be that good play meant you don't your tank to an aggressive forward position, protected by covering fire from your TDs and pubbies who were less skilled at driving to stay alive. You'd light, poke, assist and win your lane by forcing your enemy into either withering cover fire, or by stalling that lane then driving to a new one and crushing it instead. But this hardly works anymore, in only a handful of positions. The guys behind you aren't 400m away, protected by bushes and hard cover. They are 20-50 back and exposed to the same risk you are, and they're worse at managing it. If you stall, it simply means you're losing the other flank or the guys behind you are feeding their HP faster than you can return fire.
    Playing aggressive has changed. The game is slower to play out, except that once it has its generally a furious brawl and from there plays out rapidly. Being aggressive doesn't mean taking the forward most position ASAP, it means counting the tanks and then (if you deployed right) winning as fast as possible. It's a lot easier to win if you push those last 20-50m with a known count.
    TL:DR don't go to the most forward row in the brawl until you've got accurate Intel
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    Kristoffon got a reaction from lt_lolcat in Seal Traps   
    I dislike going castle from south also because if you win the castle then you need to push on open ground and become free food for the north tds camping the ridge.
    So castle is bad from north because you get fucked before getting there, and bad from south because you get fucked after winning it. Sounds like a good case for moving northeast from either spawn.
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    Kristoffon got a reaction from Snoregasm2 in Elimination: Tier 10 - E5 Triumphant! (COMPLETE)   
    @Ficarra above upvoted two tanks and downvoted none and quoted someone that wasn't in order so i'm ignoring his post
    Batchat 25t: 13 bad gun handling with no armor, only played on the test server but i really hated it, also fuck autoloaders
    FV215b: 19
    T-62A: 17
    Object 140: 9
    TVP T50/51: 17 
    E 100: 24
    E 50M: 17 it's weak
    T110E5: 28
    M48: 38
    AMX 50B: 34
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    Kristoffon got a reaction from lt_lolcat in Seal Traps   
    Old swamp was better imo.
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    Kristoffon reacted to TheSovereign in T-22 to be nerfed   
    Thanks to Rode. He told us:
    So, basically, the soft stats of the T-22 are NOT nerfed, even though in the 9.15 patch notes it was written, that the soft stats are nerfed a lot.
    Says they arent nerfed, then shows the dispersion and turret traverse IS nerfed. Pretty much only shows that the tank traverse and accuracy are more or less the same.
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    Kristoffon got a reaction from monty50k in What is a Pubbie?   
    Members of a game community that aren't in your particular private group. Usually seen as less desirable to play with.
    We don't have enough players, we could always let some pubbies join.
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    Kristoffon reacted to BiggieD61 in At what point would i be considered good enough for a 'gud' clan   
    I have no dog in this fight, because I never achieved the kind of skill required to get in a top tier clan, so take this for what it's worth;
    If you manage to get into a top tier clan - will you ever be more than just a scrub fill in?  It is something to consider, because it took 3-4 months before I started to get picked for CW in my last clan ( I have not played tanks since Oct 2015, but haven't been kicked yet - I am active in Ships and fairly decent so ... ) Then there was a fair amount of grumbling any time I got picked ( right tank for a map ) when a regular didn't.  We won't even talk about campaigns and the push to get a enough fame for the reward tank.
    In my previous clan, I got picked EVERY time for CW, and had a blast ( 65% CW win rate - mostly tier 10 landing battles ), but I left it to taste the big time.  I think every one should try and find out if they are good enough for the next level, but don't be surprised if you have some remorse over leaving the small pond where you were the big fish.
    Best of Luck to you.
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    Kristoffon reacted to Rexxie in Elimination: Tier 10 - E5 Triumphant! (COMPLETE)   
    Edit: Elimination over! Kudos to everyone who voted! Results here.
    One thing this forum has never had is an elimination thread! If you're unfamiliar how these topics work, let me explain - I'll give you a list of choices with a number after them. From them, you increase the "best" choice by 1 and decrease the "worst" choice by 3. Each user is allowed to do this a maximum of once per day. You must explain your choices, even if very briefly. When a choice hits 0, it is eliminated. I'll keep track of in what order they were eliminated in the OP, and the end result is some form of interactive community aggregate ranking! Pretty neat. Highlight your increase with GREEN and your decrease with RED.
    Let's start this out with tier 10! Non-techtree T10s are not included both because most people can't accurately judge them and because the list is too long as it is.
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    Kristoffon got a reaction from Rexxie in Elimination: Tier 10 - E5 Triumphant! (COMPLETE)   
    21: 20
    113: 20
    TVP T50/51: 20
    Foch 155: 20
    AMX 50B: 20
    Batchat 25t: 20
    AMX 30B: 20
    Waffentraiger: 17 played on the test server only but what a POS, everyone shoots you because paper, and if you don't die you get to read a blog while waiting for the reload
    Jagdpz E-100: 21
    Maus: 20
    E-100: 22 alpha, hp, decent mobility, armor, what's not to love? <3
    E-50M: 20
    Leopard 1: 20
    STB-1: 20
    Type 5 Heavy: 14
    Centurion AX: 20
    FV215b 183: 20
    FV215b: 20
    FV4005: 20
    T57 Heavy: 20
    T110E4: 20
    T110E3: 20
    M48 Patton: 20
    T110E5: 20
    Object 268: 20
    Object 263: 20
    T-62A: 20
    Object 430: 20
    Object 140: 20
    IS-7: 20
    IS-4: 20
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    Kristoffon reacted to Trobs in Dreadnought   
    I'll start with the ships and work from there.
    Dreadnought: Think battleships. Big, armor, guns, slow
    Destroyer: These can go heavy like a dread, or very light and firepower focused.
    Tactical cruiser: Support, healing.
    Artillery Cruiser: Long range sniper
    Corvette: Fast boi

    This game is like a moba in that you ideally want team coordination. Focus healers down, disable the right ships, etc. Unlike a moba, it isn't slow paced at all. Each ship gets 4 on use abilities/weapons. For instance, my Dreadnought currently has an unguided nuke (won't lock on a target, fires at last location), Slug Torpedos (same thing, but short range, Scrambler pulse which disables enemy abilities for 10 secs, and Warp Jump which allows a 4KM warp after a few seconds of buildup.

    For skill - weapons and abilities all have a max range. You can't just fire at 10k and hit everyone. Weapons have a travel time, so you must lead shots if you want to hit targets, or close the gap. You can flank, dive behind mountains or space structures. Teamwork goes a long way. We had a win the first night against a group of streamers where we had our heavy Destroyer draw fire and I warp jumped on top of the enemy healer in my Dread. I had an extreme close range build at the time. I powered up my weapons and dumped out on him entirely to win the game.

    Plus, it's still early beta. A lot can change for the better.
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    Kristoffon reacted to _Assad in I'm Spotted, You're blocking my line of fire mods   
    You have to have the humor for it for one thing. Secondly most pubbies I run across can actually answer a simple question such as how much HP a tank has. If you've never seen it; then I dont know what to say really.
    But please by all means continue to sit on your high horse of morality and say how all of this is degenerate trash while acting like all moral and shit. This is an online game, if the chat offends you so much as to even turn it off; you may as well question was to why you're even on the internet.
    Inb4 blog reply
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    Kristoffon got a reaction from lt_lolcat in T54 ltwt nerf.. Why wg, WHY?   
    If you have a laptop or a second desktop you can use, just make a new account. I have this account with 0 games in it that I use jsut for that purpose.
    You don't even need a second comptuer, you can run a WoT instance in a virtual machine then just close it while it's loading the map so it doesn't hurt your framerate while you play with yourself.
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    Kristoffon reacted to Rexxie in Short and Sweet Pro Tips   
    Yes, for the sell price.
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    Kristoffon reacted to Rexxie in Short and Sweet Pro Tips   
    If an opponent is coming around a corner to you, go diagonal to the corner (i.e make a |\). He wont be able to shoot your hull until after you can shoot him, and your hull will already be angled when he pulls around.
    Water quality obliterates FPS regardless of whether water is on screen, it's one of the most framerate hungry options in the game.
    Avoid knocking things over, even when there's no way anyone could see. There's probably someone using the banned mod every couple pub matches & in every competitive match you play.
    In close combat, aim low on UFPs & high on LFPs. This negates some of the slope on the armor. Obviously not relevant against unsloped armor.
    All of the egg shaped tanks (E5, E4, 103, etc), the Type 4, and the Type 5 all have incredibly thick front drive wheels, abusably so in the Japanese tanks' case. Avoid shooting them if you cant afford a bounce.
    Damaged optics don't have a malus, don't use a repair kit on them.
    NA players can send in a ticket to buy back any tank they've ever sold (even that random T10 you ragesold 2 years ago).
    Overmatch demands you have greater than 3x the thickness in caliber, not greater than or equal to. Don't try to overmatch 30mm of armor with a 90mm gun.
    Fuck your clan leader if you need free gold.
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    Kristoffon reacted to It's_Matra in I'm Spotted, You're blocking my line of fire mods   
    I've come up with a crazy sledge hammer solution to the bane of most of our games...
    I know we all absolutely despise the spammy mods that say 'I'm spotted at F7 - is anyone caring' blah blah blah
    Other examples:
    'You're blocking my line of fire' - safe shot
    'I'm reloading at E2 for 23.3 seconds, reloading 23.3 seconds left' - very poorly made command rose mod
    I'm spotted at A5  - some shitty spotted mod
    I can't stand that (maybe because I'm a perfectionist and configure mods properly) so from now on I will be reporting anyone who uses spammy mods as 'SPAM'. If enough of us do this in matches and stuff then maybe either:
    A. WG pay attention and provide a fix or ban players
    B. Mod creators realise that this shit is not for pubbies and turn off the messages by default, with a key to enable for CW and all that stuff... though pressing a key for help usually suffices in these situations so it's pretty much a useless mod in the first place. Better yet modpack compilators modify configs to reduce spam.
    or C. Nothing will happen but it's worth a shot
    Couldn't find anywhere else to post this on the forums that is mod related...
    So what happens if you want to use SafeShot but don't have the ability to open an xml file in Notepad++?? Then simply use THIS
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    Kristoffon reacted to woe2you in T54 ltwt nerf.. Why wg, WHY?   
    Sometimes it goes the other way. 3XR are the clan who took a full team of tier 8s into a tier 10 game and won, vs RED_C iirc.
    Either way, both Stronks and CW really need their economies fixing. If a clan's capable of competing at tier 10 there should be no incentive for them to compete at tier 8 or 6. 3XR were squatting on 30+ tier 8 provinces on the global map because they figured out it was more profitable than trying to hold a smaller number at tier 10, and so on.
    Everyone's complaining that the O-I has countered the fastbois meta when the fastbois meta was a profitability exploit to start with. Tier 6 should be where newer clans cut their teeth and learn organized play, not where they get zerged every game by teams of blue and purple players in Bromwells trying to get 2 minute wins to max their credits/time.
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    Kristoffon reacted to FreddBoy in T54 ltwt nerf.. Why wg, WHY?   
    The problem is that it's not necessary the T-54 Lwt. Itself, but rather the shift in attitude towards SH.
    SH were meant to be for clans to have a go at "CW style" gameplay, but at a much more casual pace. The problem is tho, it then quickly became the stomping ground for average try hard clans instead of CW itself. Many a recruitment thread on EU boasts of "70%+ WR in SH!" As a reason to join. Seriously? Way to go retards, ruining something that would allow the grinding of crappy tier 6 and 8 tanks and earn dank credits, and turn it into a measurement of e-peen.
    I'm just glad that the only stat tracked in SH is the WR. Soo many IS-3/T-54 Lwt set ups get super boring super quick. But hey, got to win at all costs mmkay? Can't have fun in retard set ups can we, or Prem tanks right?
    Call me crazy, but limiting it to a maximum of 2 of the same tank in SH might be stupid and really bad, but the set ups would be FUCKING HILARIOUS to see...
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