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  1. Damn, your forum acc is about as dead as mine. :disco:

  2. What the fuck is the Chrysler and whats the best guide on how to deal with it?

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    2. Politx_Killer


      Get gud Nisae. Its a VK B @ tier 8.. flank it and its fucked.

    3. HemanathanRX7


      wtf Nisa plays tanks still? :^)

      LFP 22

    4. Tuco22
  3. :nyes:

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    2. Nisa


      I have been alive since 1996 actually, still working on the whole dying comfortably thing. :disco:

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      Someone was asking about you on my stream the other day. It was weird explaining who the dps old guard were :feelsbad:

    4. Nisa


      We're in a better place, been playing world of warships and dota recently.

  4. There is also full physics now and you should take care around cliffs or steep drops or risk flipping,spacebar is a clutch brake of sorts that helps you drift.
  5. My now bread and butter technique to git gud that I use across the games I play. It works but its really just a guideline,effort has to come from the player wanting to improve.
  6. Somewhat. Whatever you do there will be always be a weak part exposed,so you should be making it use of its strengths instead of using it in an unsuitable role. The T110E5 is not a side-scraping shot-trading heavy tank. It excels in situations where you can catch them in the open or in a 1v1 where you can make use of the high DPM on your gun instead of trying to scrimp by with its relatively low alpha value. The T110E5 armor is very powerful when they don't have the luxury of time to aim for your weakspots, this usually happens at close ranges where the engagements involve a lot of movement, you're also fast enough to keep your gun tracked on a medium tank trying to circle you so you have that going for you.
  7. :ohnyes:

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      Nisa pls

    2. Raj


      This is some qt. KAWAIIIIIIIIIII


  8. Don't side scrape in the T110E5 unless you have ridiculously steep auto- bounce angles,even then its an iffy choice. The E5 armor is best on attack,its hard to score good shots on the mg cupola/lower front beak sides when you're moving around a lot. Try to move as much as possible in the E5 without getting distracted,the gun is reasonably comfortable and only needs a short time to aim and place a shot and you'll find your armor profile much more helpful.
  9. S A F F E E B O I 

    hi :ohnyes:

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      get that animu or whatever it is away from my wall! 

      and hi! 

  10. Oh snap,the forum interface looks so alien.

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    2. Nisa


      Holy shit these are amazing :


      How'd anyone convince Solono?

    3. kolni


      solono went from moderator to beggar so money talks now :doge: 

    4. Nisa
  11. Hope it doesn't get buffed too much though,it would be very unpleasant if 30mm decks start getting overmatched.
  12. Port over of a friend's post from the Asia forums. 14.3 Remember this magic number during this thread. I have myself a Warspite, and tested the Yamato on multiple occasions every now and then. Now for those who played WoT would know what overmatch is. In WoT, if your shell calibre is more than 3x the thickness if your enemy armor, you will always pen. In World of Warships, if your shell calibre is more than 14.3x than the enemy's thickness, it will always pen. However you dont really notice this because of overmatching, usually a shell that size compared to an armor than thin would overmatch i.e. DDs and CLs. However, on battleships this is different. Yamato's main guns are 460mm, tier 9 and tier 10bbs have a bow armor of 32mm. This means than the Yamato will ALWAYS penetrate your bow armor, no matter the angle. And then proceeds to citadel you. Thats why the Yamato is so OP because angling against her makes no difference. In fact, its worse to angle against her because she can citadel you frontally. But hold up, why does the Warspite have to do with this? Warspite guns are 381mm. New Mexicos and Fuso's guns are 356mm. The armor of tier 6 battleships bow are 25mm thick. 25mm x 14.3 = 357.5. This means to overmatch the bow armor of a tier 6 BB, you need a calibre of 357.5mm or above. In which ONLY the Warspite has. This also explains why Tier 7 BBs and their 16" guns kill Tier 6 BBs very easily. tl;dr, Warspite overmatches the Bow of NM, Fuso is a 50% chance due to the 102mm sides, Dont angle your front towards the Warspite. This is what makes the Warspite the best tier 6 BB IMO.
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