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    Nisa got a reaction from Expendable_Lad in First games in ~5 years. I suck now?   
    Hopped on to find some quality shitposts + old guides from times long gone.
    Happy new year by the way.
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    Nisa reacted to OperatorError in Chrysler K GF   
    Fuckoff WarGaming.

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    Nisa got a reaction from Felicius in T110e5 in short range city combat   
    Don't side scrape in the T110E5 unless you have ridiculously steep auto- bounce angles,even then its an iffy choice.
    The E5 armor is best on attack,its hard to score good shots on the mg cupola/lower front beak sides when you're moving around a lot.

    Try to move as much as possible in the E5 without getting distracted,the gun is reasonably comfortable and only needs a short time to aim and place a shot and you'll find your armor profile much more helpful.
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    Nisa got a reaction from Gr1nch_1 in T110e5 in short range city combat   
    Don't side scrape in the T110E5 unless you have ridiculously steep auto- bounce angles,even then its an iffy choice.
    The E5 armor is best on attack,its hard to score good shots on the mg cupola/lower front beak sides when you're moving around a lot.

    Try to move as much as possible in the E5 without getting distracted,the gun is reasonably comfortable and only needs a short time to aim and place a shot and you'll find your armor profile much more helpful.
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    Nisa reacted to BlackAdder in AppleEvent circlejerk   
    I'm not triggered, it's just pointless.
    Why people buy Veyron when you have GTR for 1/10 of Veyron price (even with mad mods)
    Why people buy penthouse on Manhattan when you can have house in the Bronx
    Why people eat steak when you have KFC.
    Why some like male partners instead of female
    The list goes on and on, and I don't jump on every thread and start a flame war. There is nothing good in that.
    I started Apple thread since I like their products. Maybe we have more members like me, and we can discuss changes / upcoming news without being fucked about price and overpriced arguments. Because flaming brings nothing new valuable, it's really not necessary. Again everybody has their own opinion and preference, and we don't need judgment and spam. Like i said before, if you don't like it just skip it. Simple as that. (you clearly hate apple and i'm fine with that)
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    Nisa reacted to LeoAegisMaximus in Why aren't YOU playing KV-5? The Better-Than-IS-6 Appreciation Thread   
    KV-5 Best Soviet Tank
    -Filthy IS-6s cannot gloriously ram fascist box tanks and capitalist pigs.
    -KV-5 Radioman is gloriously sacrificed in prayer to Stalin to guide shells against enemies of the state.       
    -KV-5 has Harder ass than soft assed IS-6.
    -when IS-6 show up everyone load gold and shoot, but when KV-5 show up everyone load ap and bounce off R2-D2. 
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    Nisa reacted to yoyoya2 in Why the Warspite is the Yamato of tier 6s.   
    *Plays a ship with the best guns at tier 6 and wonders why they are bad 
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    Nisa reacted to KraftLawrence in Nisa's guide to get good @ video games (Not just WoT!)   
    i think when learning something, it's always better to trust your own logic over whatever you read on strategy forums or watch on super purple streams. It doesn't matter if this purple player likes going southeast on Karelia or likes going 6-line on Prok. If you just don't like playing the west side of Stalingrad for whatever reason, you should continue to do whatever feels comfortable. I mean, you should be aware of all the possibilities available to you, but you should only be looking for what is clearly correct FOR YOU, then once you find something you like, you should dig deeply into that and find all the possible nuances and variations and solutions you can.
    Never think you need to play standard because it is standard in any sense of the word. Sure, playing your own way might be tough to figure out, but if you find comfort in doing that, and you feel your play is much stronger and understandable when you do that, then 100% of the time you should follow your own intuition and develop your own style of play.
    Way too many shitlords get stuck at like 70% or light purple because they just blindly follow other people's advice and have no actual understanding of what they're doing.
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    Nisa reacted to TeaTime in Nisa's guide to get good @ video games (Not just WoT!)   
    Damn you for linking me this Nisa. I would be deep purple too if I was less bad at tanks!
    But seriously, I'm starting to flatten out after briefly hitting purple, probably because I no longer feel the need to push myself. The moment you lose the drive is the moment you start stagnating. Whoever else really wants that deep purple and is currently not deep purple would do well to keep eyes on the prize.
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    Nisa reacted to Storm in Nisa's guide to get good @ video games (Not just WoT!)   
    Thanks Nisae!
    I hope to one day stop being bad@video games (I'm ok@tonks, but a potato at most other things), also lol:

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    Nisa got a reaction from Shackram in The weeabmin is dead   
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    Nisa got a reaction from Serene_Potato in The weeabmin is dead   
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    Nisa got a reaction from ADeadMan1 in The weeabmin is dead   
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    Nisa got a reaction from tje524 in The weeabmin is dead   
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    Nisa got a reaction from Roku in The weeabmin is dead   
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    Nisa reacted to Roku in The weeabmin is dead   
    What's great about it is that people being triggered by something as innocuous as anime or writing in Japanese makes it such low hanging trollfuit :3
    The fact that people were going to leave the forums over some customization options being added that appealed to a portion of the community is just hilarious. Everything I did was in Shenanigans or announcements, never even touched the actual WoT portions of the forums. People often tell me I need to grow up, but I like to remind them that I'm not the one being upset by cartoons from another country and the use of a foreign language.

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    Nisa got a reaction from methebest in I am assembling a strike team...   
    As a proud not-a-weaboo here,I would very much prefer converting to the weaboo flag than to serve under your leadershippu.

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    Nisa got a reaction from Flaksmith in Anime/Manga Fanfic Collaboration Fun Center ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ   
    What is happen

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    Nisa got a reaction from Roku in I am assembling a strike team...   
    As a proud not-a-weaboo here,I would very much prefer converting to the weaboo flag than to serve under your leadershippu.

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    Nisa reacted to Roku in I am assembling a strike team...   
    The justice of the moon is swift and unerring!

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    Nisa got a reaction from Roku in Anime/Manga Fanfic Collaboration Fun Center ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ̀ˋ   
    What is happen

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    Nisa reacted to Storm in How is WOT currently   
    For the most part people complain because they want the game to be better, they do enjoy the game, or at least did, but want it to be better, if the forum censored out all of the negativity towards wot, I can assure you it wouldn't be worth reading, and this forum isn't strictly about world of tanks, that was certainly its starting point, but has since encompassed many other things over time as it has expanded, so just because someone doesn't play, that doesn't mean they have no reason to spend time here.
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    Nisa reacted to joovenile in How is WOT currently   
    While ppl shitting on this game may sound like a broken record at this point, it's actually indicative of one of the largest problems that has directly led to the (continual) downfall of this game - Wargaming has consistently and stubbornly refused to listen to the opinions of the educated and skilled players of the game, and instead has catered to the pandering and whining of players of the opposite end of the spectrum.
    In following this mantra of 'ignore the skilled' and only 'listen to the unskilled', that's precisely why the core of this game has become stagnant, as per Rexxie's points.  The problem with listening to the overwhelming majority of red casuals is that when you're not any good (or simply ignorant) at a game, why should anyone even value your opinion when you have no genuine knowledge of the subject you're talking about? - In fact the complaints of the red player base are non-unique and the same throughout every single game you will ever play:  They don't understand basics of the game, yet feel entitled to winning and/or being rewarded for their bad habits. 
    So what has happened is that instead of fixing problems and improving existing game mechanics, WG has continually tried to 'nerf' skill - bush mechanics were changed, snap shotting accuracy was completely changed (forcing you to sit still longer so that you could be hit by return fire and arty), maps were changed/removed, the vision/draw distances were changed - all in the name of appeasing the lowest common denominator - lazy, unskilled players that continually complain about basics and defiantly refuse to learn them.  Every game is chock full of these individuals, and not only do they exist in this gaming community, but every other one as well (and they probably exist at the office/company/school that you work or study at).
    Take for example, vision mechanics/meta of the game.  Red players complained that they were being killed by invisi-tanks and couldn't figure out how to deal with it (and still can't to this day).  So, they removed bushes.  WG changed maps, over the past year plus, to 2 or 3-lane corridors where it's close quarters, in-your-face brawling.  However, they failed to put in enough (or any) pathways to assist/flank in a timely manner to said corridors (because you know, that would be an 'intelligent thing' to do and we wouldn't want that would we?) and hardly any bushes to do any real scouting (remember the term 'passive scouting' from years back?)
    Instead of finding ways to (1) encourage players to learn these mechanics and more importantly (2) improve upon said mechanics, WG simply threw up their arms and decided to dumb it all down, without understanding or worrying about the long term ramifications.  Namely, light tanks, practically the entire class, have lost out the most in terms of balancing and a concrete place in the game - hardly anyone knows how to play them properly.  Then there's been the always controversial arty, and not to mention a host of other problems that have led to a mass exodus, which is why this forum has become quieter and quieter with each passing week.
    In a simple analogy, it's like letting the worst prison inmates and criminals of a society set their own rules for how they should punished and/or governed.  Anyone with a shred of intelligence knows how hilariously stupid this would be, yet this is the thought process that WG has laughably embraced.
    Why is it important to listen to the educated/skilled player base?  Anyone with knowledge of what any sport, company, or video game company (that is hugely successful with a large online multiplayer base) does understands that metagame shifts and nuanced, subtle balance changes that need to be implemented are LARGELY based on the feedback and play of the competent users of said product, not the incompetent who don't know left from right. Oftentimes pro users (players in this case) - their feedback is considered the most valuable.  WG's attitude? Something along the lines of 'long-time players become disgruntled malcontents'.  Completely laughable.  So unsurprisingly, WG has created nothing worthwhile in terms of end game content, no improvements or furtherances for long-standing, loyal players who also happened to be really, really skilled.
    WG's responsibility is to be a shepherd to this large community, but instead they have fostered an environment where unicums and serious players have been scapegoated and witch hunted as being the source of many of the problems, when it's quite the opposite.  In fact, why do you think this website was created?  Go look at the regular WoT forum - 98% of what is said there is unintelligible misinformed crap.  How many of us go there for serious information on how to improve or learn anything of genuine substance?
    Does WG encourage or reward team play - simple good teamwork, as opposed to playing selfishly for outdated and easily manipulated metrics such as WN8?  No, in fact if you don't give a shit, and just want to drown yourself match after match, or bring along 2 tier 1 platoon mates into your tier 10 match, they do nothing.  That's right, they do nothing because 'we now have an automated (AKA placebo) ticket system to report players.'  They don't know how to properly implement or gauge requirements for individual missions, because many of the employees themselves don't understand the game.  I could go on and on.
    Frankly, WG is getting what it deserves for continually making stupid choices as far as the game's direction.  If Valve or Blizzard were in charge of this title, I wouldn't be even surprised if the NA server pop reached 200k or even 500k+.  WG had a monopoly in this portion of the gaming market and they've done the least with the most.  And for people that point to the numbers of the Russian servers - I assure you the NA market/region has much higher disposable income and the average user has the means and willingness to spend far more on this game (or any game) than any other part of the world.  The fact that they're failing to achieve numbers comparable to League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-strike, or ANY Blizzard title is what you should be comparing this company to, not "oh gee, $60 million is a lot of money" type of nonsense.
    But we keep playing this game.  Yes, it is one of the few historical, military vehicle based games out there, and there are many great parts about this game - but that doesn't mean that the company running it isn't doing an extremely poor job of it.
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    Nisa got a reaction from IVORK in Showcase of MM is fine, Arty is balanced and the map team are gud   
    You guys don't appreciate my high level sarcastic humor.

    I am disappoint,back to the SEA forums you lot!
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    Nisa got a reaction from Sabrechien in Being "on Tilt" In World Of Tanks   
    Credit goes to Darkshaunz,I'm merely copying it over because I think its a good article and would benefit many here.
    Original thread : http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/17678-being-on-tilt-in-world-of-tanks/

    Pic related,sort of : 

    This is a discussion about the concept of being "On Tilt" in World of Tanks. I think it's important to explore this concept because it can have adverse effects on the enjoyment of the gameplay. This is also more directed at players that are more proactive in their self-evaluation and assessments after each game - but it can apply to any player. I've not seen this term being used here, so maybe "Tilt" can be used as nomenclature to describe "abnormal game performance".

    What is Tilt?

    Tilt is originally a poker term used to describe a competent player beginning to perform well below his capability after a bad game or two. Tilt is caused by emotional frustration clouding the judgement of an otherwise calm and consistent player. The resulting emotional response results in increasingly aggressive play, frustration and pessimism - which ends in an irreparable losing streak.

    Why is Tilt relevant to World of Tanks?

    World of Tanks is inherently a competitive game, where you engage other individuals in pixel tank combat. AFKers and bots notwithstanding, this means that you are essentially pitting yourself against human beings that are governed by emotional reactions. As many of you know, the actions of a few can really swing the influence of a match - especially those players that place a high value on good winning performances. As such, the higher your own expectations of your own performance - the greater the effects of tilt that you will potentially experience. So here are my own observed qualities of tilt:
    Tilt is relative, depending on a tanker's individual self-expectation of what is considered to be "normal performance/expectations" (ie: WR/WN7 etc.) Tilt is governed by an emotional response to a situation, and is triggered by an event outside of normal expectations (usually a very bad round of tanks). Tilt is a downward spiral that continues to get progressively worse until corrective measure are undertaken (ie: Loss streaks exceeding five or more) However, I posit that even the best players suffer from tilt - except the better performers will know how to mitigate the effects of tilt itself (more on that later). Hence, this concept is important because everyone has the potential to suffer from it - and will find the consequences on their stats and enjoyment adversely affected.

    Am I on Tilt, or are the pubbies just bad?

    The most important thing is to recognize whether or not you may be on tilt to begin with. The pilot can't pull out of a stall over the ocean at night if he doesn't have the instruments to assist him out of the uncontrollable dive. So in essence, you'll have to calibrate your own instruments to determine whether or not you may be experiencing a negative/destructive emotional response to a particularly bad round. Pubbies being bad is something you will have to do your best to compensate for - and the blame will almost always fall to the random players on your team. Some of it is due to actual fail by your team, personal ego or even partly affected by mild symptoms of FG_'s Dunning-Kruger effect. This is just a normal function of the human brain, but let's focus on some tilt symptoms:

    Nasty streak: Losing more than five games in a row Unnatural aggression: Opting to rush the enemy in situations, taking unnecessary hull damage to hasten the game and take a quick win at all costs Scapegoating: Exponentially angered by the actions of the platmates/allies, even though they are not doing anything particularly wrong Self-Loathing: Performed below self-assigned WR theshold (ie: must achieve 55% WR or higher for the day) Loss of Control: "Ah who cares, clearly everything is down to luck anyway! my losses so far prove that!". Player stops trying because he believes he cannot recover from the losses. As from the list above, those are based on my personal observations - but I invite everyone to add to the symptoms. We've also experienced at least one, two or more of the symptoms of tilt - because a lot of the forum warriors tend to be more sensitive and alert to their own game performance. As I've just covered the symptoms, let us explore some of the potential triggers of tilt in our server:

    Time of day: Playing very early in the morning or extremely late results in poor MM (and randoms). Losses incurred have high chances to make the player experience Loss of Control. Stamina levels: Playing whilst tired and fatigued results in a shorter temper fuse and poorer acceptance of mistakes. Seeing a lemming when we're tired makes us a lot angrier than when well-rested. Harsh self-expectations: Playing with a high WR benchmark (Say 75%+ or whatever) makes it easier for you to move into Scapegoating and Self-Loathing when something goes awry. Guilty dive: Failure to carry a game, failure to cover a platmate, or missing easy shots (RNG, curse you!) can result in a tilt trigger. Especially if the person feels they have failed a comrade. Taunting: Doesn't often occur with the mature performers here, but taunting and inciting can lure solid players to deviate from their usual game-plan. This can result in an unexpected loss. How about some suggested ways we can mitigate tilt?

    Methods of mitigating Tilt

    Thinking about this section, I realized that it depends on the player's own preparation and steps they take to win a match. It also demands that the individual is honest and self-aware about their own emotional thresholds. Just how reactive and proactive are you in ensuring you don't fall into the trap of Tilt Spiral?

    Reactive Measures
    Stop Playing: "Maybe the next game I will win for sure!" No, just step away from the PC and do something else. Clear your mind and re-approach the game after you've calmed down. Analyzing Gameplay: Take a good look if you were using a non-optimal strategy. Yes you got top damage, but did you sacrifice map control to do so? What adjustments should be made? Venting Anger: You have to take out and manage that frustration somehow. Some people seal club in loltraktors and some make an angry thread on the forums. Find a way that works for you. Proactive Measures
    Reasonable Goals: Don't go into a day with unreasonable expectations, increase your goal milestones step by step. To some people that's 52% WR, and others 70%+. Everyone is different. Maximum Loss Thresholds: Set a personal "You shall not pass!" barrier of losses. Be fair, if you lose five games - then make a commitment to take a break and do something else. Positive Mindset: Make the best out of a situation, and play your hardest - tilts are a temporary phenomena. Platoon if that helps you maintain a more social and relaxed mindset. I know there's an explosion of words here, but I would like to know what you guys think about applying the concept of tilt to World of Tanks - and if you believe it is a relevant phenomena on our server. I also invite additions to not only the symptoms of tilt, but also ways to mitigate tilt based on your experience in public games, tank companies and clan wars.


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