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  1. onicorn

    Masochism thread

    does this thing count? took a bit longer than expected since I refused to play it sober https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xCxao6H41E
  2. onicorn

    Fine... T-10 appreciation thread

    After trying this out, I must say it works wonders
  3. It does seem to train a lot faster than regular crew, only had 2 battles on it and repairs got to 28-35% with average dmg a bit over 1k. https://ritastatusreport.live/2017/05/05/wallpaper-for-may-2017/ this also suggests that it's the same as earlier berlin tanks
  4. onicorn

    O-I Experimental

    pen'd it with FV 100% of the time, achieved 1600-ish dpg in it (dropped when playing drunk though)
  5. onicorn

    Cromwell B

    the first 20 matches were fun but for the last 3ish weeks I've been given only a handful of t7 and barely any t8 games which is bad because this thing really shines when bottom tier.
  6. onicorn

    Do blueniums and unicums ever rage quit?

    Not relevant since it's just the plain bad me but when there is 5x weekend I start my gaming session on max tilt. Today logged into WoT, got 2k xp on the first win both on AMX30p and T-54, then tried to rudy and got blocked to death by a friendly type 85. No beer in fridge so have to waste money in a bar. Seriously, I'm going to get a cerebral hemorrhage with these X5's if I can't get drunk enough