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  1. Against my better judgment, went back out for some more after the kids were asleep. The mayhem did get a little bit better, or maybe I just concentrated a little more on that mindset of 1v29 and had more success... I also ended up starting missions in all of the categories (minus arty) like you guys suggested, and then forgetting about them as I rotate around tanks I enjoy.
  2. Its an absolute mess right now - too many people are mindlessly running around chasing the missions and forgetting how to actually win the game. Tactics are out the window - I think I had one game out of 12 this evening where both teams seemed like they were playing to win. You can't even try to support a lemming train to maybe influence for a win, as there is no rhyme or reason to what people are doing. I'm done for the night - after 10-12 battles its just too much of a crapshoot.
  3. I'm just a yellow noob with way less skill and experience than the other commenters, but the KV-1S is my highest WR/WN8 tank so far and I have played it more than any other tank in my garage... I have tried to make the 122 work from time to time, and it is satisfying to smack people in the mouth sometimes with it, but in the end I feel too "naked" and vulnerable to a rush if I'm outnumbered because of the ROF. Even at my meager skill level I feel like I can hold a key position on my own if forced to with the 85. I have never felt like I didn't have enough reliable alpha against the usual KV
  4. Yes, I'm using the 75 on the StuG... with the Hetzer I actually had OK stats (60% WR) but only 30 games in it, it was way back when I was just trying to get to the next tank and didn't think about crew training etc, so probably not a significant sampling. I can't remember if I had the derp for most of that or not. My WR looking back in the T18 and T40 (which I would presume can count as "forgiving") was not horrible but again only 30-ish games in each. What I am trying to work on the most right now for any tank I play to is to make my gun more of a factor in each game, to avoid the low-d
  5. Thanks everyone for the great replies so far. It definitely feels as though it is easier to improvise a good firing position with the Wolverine while I am on the move - with the StuG, I have to plan out 3 or 4 known positions in advance, thinking "I am going here, and if I need to retreat I will go back here, or if we win this side I will advance up here."
  6. I have run a few searches in the forum for this... It is often implied or suggested that the two types of TD's are played differently, but I haven't yet come across a description of exactly what one does differently in terms of employing a casemate vs a turreted TD... For the experienced players, assuming you agree that there are playstyle differences, can you put into words what you do differently with each type? Do you choose different map locations, more vs less aggressive, etc? It is certainly logical that the casemate and turreted TD's have obviously different strengths and weaknes
  7. o7 to all! o7 fellow Boiler! I was in AAMB back in the day as well
  8. Hello! I'm Kevin... Just recently got back into playing this game the last few months... I had played a bit in version 8.something-or-other, and got out of the habit after hitting a bit of a plateau a few hundred games in. When WoWP came out (and I had a new gaming rig) I installed that, and reinstalled WoT just for the heck of it and to see what the new version was like... lo and behold, for the past few months I am hooked on Tanks pretty much exclusively (I find the other game a bit too "arcade-y" to hold my interest). I ran across this forum after starting to use the stat tracki
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