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  1. You sounded different, but it wasn't an issue for me. I wouldn't care too much about it if the headset feels good.
  2. Epic

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    No, its a downgrade... there is no point in playing the tier 10, tier 9 with the small gun is the best you get.
  3. Oh man, when I got that top engine... felt so good! Sadly, people already learned to shoot premium ammo at this tank on EU, so its a hit or miss whether you have a good game. But I still love it. What is your opinion on the 120mm vs 127mm? Is the small increase in alpha worth being worse in every thing else?
  4. Why are people still surprised that this casual game is designed for the 95% of the players that don't use any forums, or plays the game just for fun (but some spend insane amounts of money)? Baffles my mind every time I read this forum. Most changes the last 2-3 years have been to improve the game for the 95%.. not us, and that will never happen.
  5. Lost? The XVM team took over the development and maintenance of the expected values. It has been discussed on this forum by the old and new team. There have been news posts about it... It's fine to be out of the loop, but don't spread false information.
  6. For everybody to stop thinking that WarGaming doesn't know what they are doing, and just realise they are not the group this game is designed for.
  7. why not use wot news? EU http://wot-news.com/stat/server/eu/norm/en US http://wot-news.com/stat/server/us/norm/en RU http://wot-news.com/stat/server/ru/norm/en SEA http://wot-news.com/stat/server/sea/norm/en
  8. Splitting the server population is a bad idea. Also not interested in the slightest...
  9. Still Playing Award - World of Tanks (source: http://www.gamesradar.com/the-legend-of-zelda-breath-of-the-wild-scores-big-at-the-35th-golden-joystick-awards-presented-with-omen-by-hp/) I would say that is pretty correct.
  10. got fixed, play a game if you already recruited it, you get crew xp equal to the first skill. Also be sure to recruit it before the next patch 9.20.1 hits! https://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/notifications/pcm-on-again/
  11. Dead like cloud pirates in half a year? Could be a final money grab for EU/NA.
  12. I think it is a side effect of platooning, and nothing else... My WR has been going up and up lately (62%+) when soloing, but when I platoon with equally skilled players... we barely scratch 55%. I win about 45% of my battles if I die too early and do less than 1k dmg, and in about 15% of my games I have to chase damage because we are winning too hard.
  13. No, they perfectly know their game, most of the top 1% not however. The missions require dedication... mindless playing of 100s, 1000s of games... They just coat it as a reward for being skilled, but nothing in this game is actually for the skilled. Every change over the last years has been to improve the gameplay for the bottom 95% and take away the things that the top 1% used to gain an advantage.
  14. That is just confirmation bias. However WG mentioned it as a reason to keep the RNG at 25%, to create those moments for players to feel good, think Overlord_Prime mentioned this on stream after his recent visit to Minsk.
  15. Even patents are just patents... wargaming has a bunch of those about matchmaking as well. I have not seen any evidence that the MM behaves different than the rules given by wargaming. Especially now with the stricter templates and rules, it behaves very well.
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