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  1. WGNA being honest about their playerbase: Platoon missions for low tiers in February, officially called "Help a Tomato" :serb:


  2. 2017 already worse than 2016, fuck this year with a red-hot poker.

  3. HapcDave

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Thanks, that was what I was worried about; another night or two doing odd jobs in the Asp then and I'll go for a Vulture.
  4. HapcDave

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Picked this up on sale last week and having fun flying around, have a GP setup AspE that I am pretty happy with but it doesn't satisfy my shooty urge. I'm thinking of picking up a Vulture or DiamondbackE and kitting for tooling around doing general bounty hunting and combat missions; I have a 10M or so budget right now, any recommendations either way?
  5. HapcDave

    TankRewards Supply Crate Results

    Kits here, at least it wasn't the slots.
  6. RIP me, my daughter just described Hayden Christensen in Ep3 as having a sexy voice and "Swaggy hair"

  7. HapcDave

    New mm???

    This was actually posted in an official news article a week ago on NA, the relevant excerpt matches what is on TAP: From http://worldoftanks.com/en/news/pc-browser/17/915-platoon-changes/ (you have to hit More info and scroll to the bottom
  8. HapcDave

    9.15 - first patch notes

    Hey, a guy can dream.
  9. HapcDave

    9.15 - first patch notes

    I'm holding out hope that they have decided to buff the other LTs to be more competitive with it instead.
  10. Hey, at least there are actual specials this month.
  11. HapcDave

    Aircraft Appreciation Thread

    Which is what makes it an AC-130 instead
  12. HapcDave

    Aircraft Appreciation Thread

    Pedantic nitcpick, but that is an AC-130 not a C-130
  13. You know that 8's, 9's and 10's go on sale in 2 days, right?
  14. HapcDave

    Churchill gun carrier Review

    To be fair, that happens to most 6's that run into IS-3's