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  1. o Jeez all the guys from Awful are here hall0 friends
  2. I don't know much of what's going on nowadays, but I do know that Jimbo is, sadly, R.I.P.
  3. awww I'm gonna blush But shush guys, I don't want people to get the idea that I enjoy tanks
  4. Right now I'm gonna keep this short and sweet but might spruce it up later if I feel like it- I started college this year to find that I have much less time for tanks. I can be really active when I'm on break (winter break coming up, 12/18-1/18 hint hint nudge nudge), like probably 5-6 days a week. However, when I'm at school, I will be extremely spotty, probably about 2 nights a week with occasional weeks when I might not be able to get on at all. So that being said, if consistent attendance is mandatory, then we probably won't get along, although I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to jo
  5. Behind the 12t? The 12t's autoloader is actually very effective. Sure, it's mobility isn't great, but that's probably the worst point about the tank. the 12t has the best camo, and the gun is solid for what it is. To be fair, I haven't actually played the game in nearly 3 months, but isn't the T21 still worse?
  6. got a slot on a sunday early and mid team.
  7. You pretty much hit that nail on the head
  8. What a well thought out and logical reply
  9. So from my experience, you really won't get to multiple skill crews until around tier 7 or 8 if you continuously train them with credits as soon as you unlock a tank. However, you may not want to move on right away. I'd advise you to hang on to the KV-1 for a while, before you get the KV-1S, T-150, or KV-85. Wait until you hit 100% on your first crew skills, and by then you will not only have a good crew to move into a higher tank, but also a significantly better knowledge of the game. Practice sidescraping and angling your armor in the KV-1. Get good at trading efficiently/learning when to tr
  10. Epic burrito from Moe's. And my grandad's baked mac and cheese earlier which is pretty much a gift from the gods.
  11. Tanks, or first paper of my college career... choices choices

  12. Mayhem is a building clan, currently active on the tier 6 map and strongholds, and also very active in tournaments (typically weekday warfare and/or bravo skirmishes, set up on a weekly basis). While I'd love to have both of you, I think we'd be a perfect fit for Rebel, as we're currently looking for players around 1850+ recent with upwards trends. Our clan stats: Our glorious leader:
  13. JPower

    FCM 50t or CDC

    I have both, and I enjoy the FCM more do to the pref MM and, yes, armor. The FCM can bully some lower tier tanks where the CDC can't. If the Luchs still saw tier 8, it would wreck CDCs.
  14. I asked Jacob, and that's why I don't need a team for sat/sun late
  15. I'm looking for teams for Saturday mid, and Sunday early and mid. Potentially useful tanks I own/have 2+ skill crews in: KV-1S, T67, T-25, Ram II, M4, T14, KV-220 (yeah 220 isn't really useful but hey, I have one) Tanks I have researched and could put pretty good crews in: Every tier 5 with 5 exceptions: G1 R, S35 CA, Pz IV H, Archer, Sherman 3 If I say I'm going to show for a tourney, I show, you can ask anyone I've played with. Have lots of experience in skirmishes and weekday warfare & special tournies, can follow a call, etc. Let me know if you have spots open! I'm good
  16. Still trying to get a team? I'm looking for teams for Sat mid and Sun early/mid.
  17. I'm looking for a team. As of now I can make every game from saturday mid on, though I may be able to do fri/sat early as well (we were idiots and didn't look at dates so we thought it was a week earlier, and I was on a team that won't be able to show for next weekend but those two teams had already been applied, waiting on a ticket response) In garage: Sherman, Ram, T14, T25, T67, KV-1S, KV-220, all at minimum well into second crew skills could buy back: KV-1, M7, fuck it, basically anything you need that isn't arty and put a good crew in it, just ask. Edit: I decided to go and check, there
  18. Not a big deal, but you can change the order of shell types for tanks (i.e. set HE to primary for German 105 derp and KV-2 152). The big one for me was that you could get gold ammo for- get this- CREDITS. I think I discovered that around 7 or 8 thousand games in. In my defense I came around I think 8.2 when I really don't think you could do that, but it was still a huge shock to find out lol.
  19. Lol nice to see you again derp, looks like recruiting is going well. How unfortunate we couldn't keep you in Mayhem XD
  20. waaaaat? How do you go from old T71 to THAT?
  21. Jacobhunter's a scrub, stats are luck/teams/RNG =P HOWEVER I have just about every useful tank aside from the 110 lol
  22. These guys are still recruiting and holding land on the tier 6 map, go join them
  23. This is beautiful, so well executed. Puts most of my chemotherapy runs to shame. You should join myself and Vurhd1 for a therapeutic chemo-platoon sometime. That's the only time I play my T49 lol.
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