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  1. I love purple tears after good and painful arty shell penetration. It makes me moist.

  2. I got back to this game after a while and see this silly topic still active? At least i see posts dated to this day. Arty should not be removed as i like it. And other people like it too. And if most unicums feel butthurt for a sole reason that they can't do what they want with random clueless players - no one gives a damn. Go CW and go do team battles. After reading a lot of ignorant and insulting posts towards players who plays same game i lost respect for some unicums (for some never had). Maybe they are good players but attitude is disappointing and i see not a person but a simple shithead with good stats. I wish to see global game statistics how each tank category influenced game and then compare it proportionally to how many purple tears and hate it generates. Not liking it is ok. Hating? Hate fascism and racism, not a players. So as you say "fuck arty" i can say "fuck your opinion but you can have it anyway". Have a good day as i need to go and one-shot some good players with good stats using my T92 loaded with AP shells: fun > stats.
  3. First of all - this is arcade game and how you imagine shooting ground as fun game play in arcade game? Shooting ground??? Now every time i kill someone like m00h with 2264 WN6 in his T49 one the move he calls me "point and click retard" because i with 1280 WN6 killed skill - how dare me! Almost every game. And what will be when i will hit ground without seeing enemy and hit him? This aiming circle targets area and is not 100% guaranteed hit in the center of it. I might be happy to have less damage but to have guaranteed damage and effect on zone where i target and see target - i don't want to shoot ground, trees and rocks more than i do it now... T92 basically has no real chance to defend itself in TD mode except lucky shot. It has no depression and shoting in close range needs quite a long preparation and aiming at exact place where enemy will show. Aiming scatters around after every slight movement of gun and aiming circle is huge. With 500hp engine there is no way to be in time to run somewhere if enemy is already to close. Ofcourse you can defend and one hit with AP shell or just cripple with HE, but that depends on huge luck. Seems like i have very good luck with no-aiming lucky one-hit kills for enemy BatChat25... But at the moment i do not enjoy T92 as it is and always try to play using AP shells on it. I do not really care if my stats suffers because of this, but this is the only way i can have some fun with it after spending months on that line. If talking area denial - then artillery must make a significant damage and overweight huge enemy tank HP pool, large repair and first aid kid benefits. De-tracking is logic with splash damage as it's one of best ways to stop enemy and support team in arcade game. I don't know how it would look in simulator. But else they just push forward and ignore artillery as it's now in low tier - you hear puffs around you from artillery - whatever. I think my stats with arty would be better if i had ever platooned with it. To bad i have not and now i can't argument it. Fact is that 2% in game vehicle population do not deserve more punishment as it got now. P.S. Yes, i am noob. Bear with it as i do not want to be in corner silent and have my opinion. And i think i am starting to get nervous when i think about next patches that involves changes to artillery...
  4. And there we go - arty hate filled post in this forum... Unexpected. I simply refuse to listen to any suggestions about arty "improvements" from someone who does not play them. You have no idea how artillery vehicles must be played and this is very very frustrating if you have no any reaction or have not played it a lot. And i am not talking about 100 games in total with low tier artillery. Problem with camping is absolutely same as before artillery and it has nothing to do with it. Problem is heavy tank players and TD's that camp and are not using brains enough. More aggressive enemy team play is giving a very hard time for me when i play T92. It's terrible reloading time, aiming time especially if you need change target zones a lot, removed top engine, horrible accuracy and bouncing AP and HE shells. As always you see only hits that a landed but do not see these 70% missed ones. And you still want to make it more unplayable? I did not expect to hear whining from purple who suppose to know about game 10x more than me. Disappointing for me. I understand that it's nice to charge with heavy tanks feeling invincible when you studied all its angling and so on, but for strong power on the field there is a counter measures if they are to cocky on battlefield. For arty haters and heavy tank fan-boys - artillery is harder to play than HT. Situational awareness and all other game sense applies for all classes including SPG. To land hits on right targets and get all that pressure when from your hit that you can land every 50 seconds depends how action can develop and adapt after each nerf - it's annoying. Especially after reading this. You want artillery do become specialized de-tracker? lol Thanks no...
  5. Just yesterday finished grinding my KV-1 to get KV-1S. I hope KV-1S can be played more aggressive thanks to it's speed as i do not really like KV-1 and use on it 122mm gun instead of top-gun. Love that sound and fast dying enemy and need of less showing off myself in open (more damage in less hits + less chance for enemy to hit me) is what i like. I am still pinned down by instinctive T32 and T34 hull down tactics and carry it on KV tanks....
  6. One tank did to him 1560 damage and another 1033 that total is 2593 dmg, but IS shows that he still has 132 HP left out of 2500. He has 225 hp plus somehow. At least i can see only this thing.
  7. Eh, now i got tier VIII to in game. So it seems it was strange series of max tier VII for me.
  8. So today i brought this ELC AMX in "Deutch" style and i am very happy with it. It looks like a little bit more fat ELC AMX and drives same way but bites better. And i have impression that this little thing is T49 German version - frigging fast, rate of fire is insane (sometimes flanked tank can be de-tracked twice or 3 times while he is going to point B). And another nice thing - i played with it 13 battles by now and never saw tier VIII or higher. Always tier VII only or bellow. Interesting. Any tips and tricks and other good things to share about this little sexy steel box? My crappy replay http://www.noobmeter.com/replay/506306351.185539666934072 P.S. Forum search did not returned any results regarding this tank so i am making new topic. Sorry if i missed something.
  9. That map gave me doble ngative impression - i tried E25 for the first time and this map was first time to. So wrong turn, one hit, dead. I did not see anymore this map after 20 or so battles But E25 is wonderful little ass-biter - still learning how to use it. But new maps are always nice, especially this one that feels like old Province.
  10. Yeah some stuff in it is not neccessary. That is why i like it. Especially that scrolling console text. At the moment i am thinking to remove some stuff from it (yes, you can remove some visualisations). Just that "retarded" thing made me feel like i am called retard myself. As much as i know i do not draw tanks with my poo on the walls. I just like shiny and stylish things. Except pony on tanks...
  11. I use mod from op post and love it + dont care what others thinks about it. And never try to convince others to use what i use. Dont like it - its your taste and its fine. I like sci-fi bit in this game. And with this mod i get max performance on max settings. I am on normal gaming rig. Oh, and obstruction of view - big screen helps. I have no problems with my sight.
  12. When i try go to this link i got "That puush could not be found."
  13. Nah to lazy for that... If you give me a replay where you do a barrel roll in air before smashing in to some poor tank, then maybe i will be tempted to to that.
  14. What i do with it? I buy garage slots when they are discounted, retrain crew if needed for 100% or other tank, put camo on tanks i like (almost all except crap like AMX 40 and so on), buy worthless tanks like Valentine II. Just do not get addicted to that gold...
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