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  1. Nimrodor

    What happens if...

    I use the import feed function, with this blog's own feed as the input? Hypothetically, would that break anything?
  2. I'm sure they're just busy going through with the promises they've made in their conversations so far.
  3. Nimrodor

    Innocent_Ace's videos. Comments and criticism wanted.

    Opening: 14:30: 14:20: 14:00: 13:40: 13:30: 13:00: 12:00: 11:45: 11:10 : 10:20:
  4. Nimrodor

    a reversed Challenge

    Easy, just play a low tier.
  5. Nimrodor

    I am Le Cheat

    Report T29 for cheat, no way the 76mm does that much damage.
  6. Nimrodor

    Wargaming's Own

    Too bad they just nerfed the super-OP tier 4 TD's; this could have been really easy otherwise.
  7. Nimrodor

    Handicapped players?

    I was actually trying to prove the opposite; in most cases, a disability has little to no effect on tanking ability, and therefore shouldn't be used as an exuse for awful play. However, I suppose it could also be argued that although disabilities don't matter much at high levels of play (perhaps even being a benefit in some cases), they do hurt the learning curve, making them progress to those higher stages more slowly.
  8. Nimrodor

    Handicapped players?

    "I am normal so Kewei is disabled compared to me" Kewei's own (old) thread on the topic: Obj261 was stabbed in the left hand: ...but was back to very high level play in less than a month: I know a couple of autistic players who aren't bad at the game. If someone is still playing significantly worse than the deaf guy, the one-handed guy, or the autistic guy, it's probably not just a disability.
  9. Nimrodor

    So... About coding?

    High school or college? If high school, probably best to start with Java, just to get to know some of the syntax; the AP Computer Science Pointless Recursion test uses that language.
  10. Nimrodor

    Choose my next name

    spencer_suggesta<insert word beginning in "po">
  11. Nimrodor

    EVE Online ... still a beautiful thing.

    Do you remember these guys? Well, it turns out that they also sell Eve "services" on their website: I...
  12. Nimrodor

    EVE Online ... still a beautiful thing.

    Welp, it was fun while it lasted. RIP me.
  13. Nimrodor

    eBay canceled my PZ4 Hydro Auction (Twice)

    Sell an ebook consisting only of the code/ artwork titled "code on white background".
  14. Nimrodor

    EVE Online ... still a beautiful thing.

    Gotta pad that space WNx.