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  1. It's so good because you're playing against imcompetent children.
  2. dashnog

    Fallout Series

  3. I recorded the replay, put it in vegas, rendered it, uploaded as unlisted to YouTube then used makeagif.com. Not sure if this is the camera angle you were thinking of, but good enough for a demonstration.
  4. He wants to "improve as an individual", so I'm assuming he wants criticism.
  5. A few missed shots throughout the battle ~6:30: Should've kept autoaiming at that T49 6:07: No point in taking that shot And I don't think there was anything else wrong with it. (from a scrub's viewpoint anyway)
  6. Google Drive sounds the most convenient to you.
  7. The buildings behind you, of course. If you waited behind some buildings, you could sidescrape and get the first shot off while being effectively arty-proof. You weren't limited in any way. You should know that that the sides of the IS-3 are extremely strong when sidescraping, so even if the Black Prince was loading gold, it would still be quite difficult to get through (that and you still could take a hit from him).
  8. 12:10 - Shouldn't have shown your side to the Super Pershing, instead, you could've angled your sides, so that the poorly penetrating shells of the T26E4 and the KV-5 wouldn't be very likely to go through. 11:22 - I had to think about this for quite a while, and I believe that you couldn't really have done anything to prevent that. You did the correct thing by finishing off the Indien-Panzer, I would've done that as well. You just got a bit unlucky that the Hummel did so much damage. 7:08 - Here is your key mistake. When you killed that Tiger II, you would've seen that the Hummel was trying to kill you, and since you were the prime target at the time, you should've known that he was going to hunt you down. Instead of chasing that Black Prince, you should've taken some cover behind some buildings and waited for him to come down to you. It is quite a difficult thing to anticipate, even I'll admit that, but when carrying the game, you need to consider all possibilities and act accordingly.
  9. The only thing that you could've done to improve your result is to have been more accurate and reflexive with the trigger. Some of your shots really should've hit. If that O-I Exp. was a little smarter, he probably would've killed you, yes. The only viable option for when things like that happen is to try to expose only your acutely-angled areas and try to do as much damage as possible. Don't expose your turret too much if at all possible, since it's a big potato, essentially. Or your "crew strip", since that is very weak. 30-40° sidescraping would be optimal for the KV-1. You did it pretty efficiently, this battle. I don't believe there is any 'secret' per sé. There were no gold spammers in your engagements, surprisingly. The shots that did damage mainly went into the potato-turret. So, you pretty much just did everything fine, for the most part. Just try to be a bit more aware with your enemy's movements is all I can say.
  10. One of these days arty will be reworked.

    One day...

  11. Finally reached dark blue on my recent WN8.

    Not actually a reroll.

  12. Damn you with your superior weather and physics effects. *shakes fist*
  13. Do some diagnostics on your game client, computer, range extender and router, then post the info here.
  14. 12:15: You definitely should've aimed longer than that. You could've really easily destroyed that VK. 9:30: Should've aimed longer when the Hetzer came around. 8:45: Completely wasted shot. Next to impossible to hit and penetrate. 8:20: The big mistake you made there is that you forgot that the VK probably was in the same position as before. You could've a little earlier stormed towards the cap circle to reset or wait for the Hellcat to make a mistake which you could then take advantage of. At the end it was quite hard for me to judge what you should've done, since you were in quite a sticky situation. But if I was in that position, that what I would've done.
  15. dashnog

    What if Q&A

    Usain Bolt would break the laws of space and time. What if people weren't stupid on the Internet?
  16. The KV-1S I don't feel is any better than the KV-1. I don't feel as though you're going to learn much from it. It is definitely faster than the KV-1, but that's really the only notable thing about it. The KV-85, though is where the fun really starts.
  17. Its not working for most people who use WIndows 10, like me. Compatibility mode isn't working either.
  18. How the bloody hell did you get it to work?
  19. It don't work fuk EDIT: Thanks for your suggestions guys. They have worked.
  20. With most tanks, it sort of depends on how you're planning to play the 140 and how good you are at it. -(This is assuming you're trying to get a 4th skill and you're not planning to reset their skills) Personally, I would get the Camo skill for the commander, Eagle Eye for the gunner, Clutch Braking for the driver and Adrenaline Rush for the loader. If you weren't to reset your crew skills, these would be perfect for being aggressive, and that's my kind of play style. However, if you're planning to be more passive in your play, I'd suggest that you get Camo for all of your crew members and then the respective skills/perks to increase their view ranges afterwards.
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