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  1. >IS-6 >Does 5789 dmg >Gets 1 kill >1310 base XP >Only a 1st class mastery badge >fml
  2. That moment when you run out of regular rounds and have to load prem...

    1. MAJEST1C


      Joy, let the pubbie tears flow!

    2. Haswell


      I cry when I run out of prem rounds and have to switch to regular.

    3. TheMostComfortableTanker


      that moment when you thought you had regular ammo loaded but you were actually spamming gold at light tanks.

  3. There are ways... Okay, I'll just be blunt, it's called a phone.
  4. I can back that statement up. :^)
  5. Oh, by the way koel, with being "a lot more aggressive", I've tried that, but it never seems to work for me. Unfortunately, I did have a replay showing what I was doing, but I cannot find it, nor be bothered to find it. But I will try to be a bit more aggressive, and update you on that. Also, I did say at the start that this was one of my "bad" days, and studying my stats would prove that pretty easily. I would've liked to find some "average" replays -or even good replays-, but I'd rather not fish through my endless replay library to find said "average" replays. If I have an average/good day, I'll post another 1 or 2 replays here, as well as my progress with being more aggressive. And again, thanks for your help!
  6. I'm looking for some constructive criticism on how I've been playing recently. These replays aren't from one of my best days, -actually, this was one of my worst days- but I need some advice on how to improve my win rate and to improve my average damage to perform at something like a blue/dark blue player level again. Replay 1 Replay 2 Replay 3 Replay 4 [EDIT] I've tried being more aggressive, and I think it worked better. Replay 5 Replay 6 [EDIT 2] I had taken a break for a couple of days, and I feel as though I've lost my touch. Again. I've been playing a variety of different tanks, and I'm not feeling as though I'm playing them adequately. I'd really like these replays to be reviewed ASAP. Thanks. Replay 7 Replay 8 Replay 9 Replay 10 Replay 11
  7. MeltyMap's MathMod has a working servercross in it.
  8. 5.7k damage game in IS-6. That tank is bloody fantastic.

  9. Still bad days 'n' shite.

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Are you actually bj's cousin this time, or is it just bj dual boxing on the forums?

    2. dashnog


      I'm his father's mother's 2nd born child's son. So, I think that would qualify as a cousin to him. :^)

  10. Having shit days and shit teams. Fml.

  11. Looking to platoon with green and above people

  12. Hi, I'm dashnog. My cousin bjshnog recommended that I come here to learn to git gud and pad hard so I can fix my shitty stats. He also wrote this intro, because I have no imagination of my own.
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