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    Should I stop now?

    IS-3, T-10 and IS-7 are all very good tanks. The IS-3 is a very good tank and has a much better gun and play style to it compared to the IS. Side scraping (for the most part) works well. T-10 after the buff can at least somewhat-decently side scrape, so it's slightly more reminiscent to the IS-3. Brilliant gun. Fucking loved the thing. IS-7 is the pinnacle of Russian engineering. I face hugged a JgPz. E-100 and absorbed its shell with my turret. Pure ecstasy was had. Pretty decent gun; nice damage. Definitely worth the grind. Keep persevering. After tier 7, it gets a lot better, and I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

    Fixed the audio to appropriate levels.

  3. I now really love the T-34-85 :poi:

  4. You don't need any special bells and whistles. But I personally recommend a Roccat Kone or any variant of it.
  5. First game: Your gun handling was really piss-poor. Your reaction time was abysmal, especially at the beginning. Your positioning I thought was fine. At the end after you finished off the 110, you should've checked out the immediate surroundings before bumrushing the enemy base. You never know when you might find a lurking tank destroyer artillery. Second game: For the first 3rd of the game, you did fairly well. Your shooting was decent and use of armour was well executed. At ~10:40 you took 2 game changing hits from the SU-122-44. You practically threw your health into the trash by going around that corner. No, your only good option was to fight. However, your opportunity was blown by your nerves. Those two non-penetrating shots should've gone in and you would've probably carried the game. So basically, you really need to improve your gun and nerve handling.
  6. I think I have created the worst form of cancer.



  7. Double you zed one billion one hundred and eleven million one hundred and eleven thousand one hundred and eleven one four all the way.
  8. Wait Cuni plays Hat Simulator 2007? well the more you fucking know
  9. 40° hull angling and HEAT spam.
  10. dashnog

    KV-1 tactics?

    No it's not. It's an easily penetratable flat potato.
  11. >tmw my mum asks me what Bae means 

    >and I have no idea what the fuck it means

    1. TheEmptyLord


      It is Danish for poop

      Some people also use for their SO similar to babe for some reason tho

    2. GazT4R


      Used a lot in Wales as babe, baby, close friend.


  12. HSmSm4S.jpg

    What I've done with my Roccat Isku keyboard.

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