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  1. Nalyk


    Yeah debating on getting the division and I am a poor. $30 on G2a, vs 60 on steam heh. Normally I don't mind spending the extra cash too, but usually it takes some time for those triple A games to drop a bit in price.
  2. Nalyk


    Has anyone ever bought any of the game codes off of G2A? I'm trying to decide if my spider sense is tingling or if it is my new fangled "old guy" sense and fear of something new. Halp!
  3. If they can't get the NA server population up and Planes continues to crash and burn on the I foresee a server merge in the future. Just makes me wonder if WG will "offer" the NA people to pay to transfer their stuff and if they don't pay up our stuff gets wiped. Or if they'll just do it for free like they should...
  4. J8M is like the 209 v in a lot of ways. Climbs for days. Boost cools down quickly which is good because you live and die by it. Guns like the 262, crap muzzle velocity and they overheat fast. Fun from what I hear.
  5. Eh. I'm still playing and having fun though i play exclusively with someone which i find to be much more enjoyable. Play a heavy tier 7+ though. It's world of GA up there.
  6. Man. They sure rushed that patch out. They can't have had the test server up for more than a couple of weeks. Not sure I'm as optimistic as I was before about this patch.
  7. Nalyk

    GG rock.

    You're right I apologize I'll try to toss up a a replay when I'm not at work tonight. Or if a mod wants to delete this I can make another post later. Makes little difference to me.
  8. Nalyk

    GG rock.

    Good game last night Rock. I got greedy in my 109z and payed for it. Glad Amblis was there to carry my butt.
  9. Nalyk

    Path of Exile.

    Really having fun with my electric cleave ranger. Running around super fast and attacking like a mini cuisinart is hilarious. Hc scares me. Tried it once or twice in Diablo 2. Died because of connection issues. I can handle it when the death is my fault buut... https://youtu.be/xiCmGLEIMro
  10. Life by Mitis is a pretty dang good song.
  11. Nalyk

    Path of Exile.

    Yeah, that's the problem with new content. I really like the new stuff but if it makes all of my builds invalid...sad panda.
  12. Nalyk

    Path of Exile.

    I have had horrible desynch issues as well especially during peak times or when I was playing something especially laggy like a summoner. Lately though since they've patched stability seems to be much better. This next expansion is supposed to make melee more viable. Though I can't totally vouch for this.
  13. I'm also a big fan of Dan Abnett's Ravenor and Eisenhorn novels. I started in on pariah as well and really enjoyed the whole "Enucia" concept. His novels with Gaunt's ghosts are also quite good if somewhat formulaic.
  14. Nalyk

    Path of Exile.

    all of the builds I mentioned were on build of the week if you'd like to learn more about them. The trapper is especially fun.
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