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  1. If you can wait a couple to several months, pascal (nvidia) and polaris(amd) are coming soon and the top end card should have hbm 2 which will be good for 4k.
  2. The only "gaming laptops" that are worth a damn for running games good enough are well over $3000. $1000 should get you a decent desktop. There were some pretty good deals on newegg/amazon and online stores during blackfriday but unfortunately those are over now. However there still might be some deals right before christmas. I don't know your situation but considering you said you were using a laptop previously, you will need a monitor and keyboard as well if you didn't factor that in yet. If you end up deciding getting a desktop and a laptop for mobility as well, the cheapest HP St
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin%27s_Law I am sad now that I didn't check this thread earlier to see when this point was reached. Knew it was coming as soon as people started arguing over morality.
  4. I think that most people (or at least the way I) see the game now as Wargaming vs. pubbies vs. good players. Most of the time, pubbies and good players have polar opposite motives, objectives, agendas, ect. Pubbies see good players as unsportsmanlike, "chai sniping", not helping the team, hacking, ect. Good players see pubbies as incompetent, idiots, retards, ect. When I think of a typical pubbie, I see a orange/yellow player who thinks the game is lost within the first minute, dies within the second minute, and proceed to reprimand the team for being "noobs and idiots". God forbid
  5. So Gimli_The_Romanticist here gets mad because of bullshit rng and decides to message me after the battle. (Message is pretty tame but I think when it happened a few "fuck off" and "fucking rng"'s were exchanged in chat) Notice how he waited 5 hours to message me again, which indicates to me that his precious little ego was damaged. I really don't care if someone rerolls or not, but if you act like some amazing tanking god with your not that impressive 3100 reroll, then I am going to call you out on your bullshit.
  6. that is keiwi, he changed his name to Tazi(I)on, with the (I) just being an uppercase "i". I saw him in battle a while ago and at first thought it was the vk 2801 guy, but after his top keks and epeen-ness, I was educated in my mistake
  7. Arty Still prevents camping

    "- SerB was against artillery nerf, he is also against reworkingthe artillery to "debuff" class. According to him, the loss of the artillery role that makes players being less static will lead to more camping. Storm disagrees." :retard:


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Folterknecht


      AW system is even more retarded than in WoT. And that debuff thing ... *facepalm

    3. DeltaVolt


      Knew Serb was a shitter, that article was a double confirmation of it. 

    4. CarryMode


      Hope he dies in a fire.

  8. Looks like I've found a good copy pasta to give to shitters when they message me after the game complaining about something or another
  9. 4TankersandDog did a great video on ramming and what is the most optimal way. E 50 and 50m can come out on top against any tier 9 or 10 medium (other than other e 50 and 50m's of course). As for heavies, I think e5, 113 50b(ram from side or rear) or t57 or 215b will be around even or e50/50m will lose a bit. Best ramming story I have was going full speed down himels hill with an e50m and killing an Is 3 which was on 900 hp, I think I ended up taking over 1000 but it was worth it.
  10. I could care less about top guns or other medals, the only time I care about kills and securing (stealing) is if it involves a personal mission
  11. http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/08/wots-superpershing-review.html#gpluscomments

    "Nice article silentstalker" (from comments) Too fucking true.

    "Made me cringe the way they are trying to sell a tank as being so good" is this rita or silentstalker?

    1. Siimcy


      Like Circon said himself on strim yesterday or two days ago I can't remember exactly he met Rita in person@ Tankfest and apparently she is a totally different person in real life compared to the "blog" rita we all know. Therefore he is pretty much sure as I am that SS is still writing all the articles but rita is taking all the "fame" for it. Do you think rita would have an agenda towards WG like SS did? I don't think so.

    2. Medjed


      Why is this a "secret"? It was obvious from the beginning it's still SShiter writing everything and she's just there to look nice.

    3. Hudstr22


      interesting, turns out I am an idiot, although I already knew I am an idiot. Honestly I did not know that is basically how status report was being run.

  12. I completely agree, the previous meta of bush kemp 850 alpha days are long gone, and i feel that the tds are now pseudo heavies when applicable and snipers who try to trade efficiently or trade up, as opposed to just kemp bush and stay undetected the entire game. While I wasn't completely pissed or ecstatic about the td nerf's, I find it frustrating that the personal missions, especially the 260 ones, require "Kill 4 enemies without getting spotted" or "Do X amount of damage while unspotted" when the meta just does not allow for this kind of play-style anymore. I love my tortoise, and I've alw
  13. - arty will be rebalanced in 2016




    Fuck you wargaming.

    1. GamerDaPro


      "Havok will come in 9.0"
      "4202 change will come last christmas"

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