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  1. this was extremely helpful, thank you very much!
  2. because I like doing it
  3. Hello everyone. Guess who's back? back again... So basically I'm back after life hit me hard and tryina' have fun creating content for you guys. Some of you may remember me, although I doubt it. If you're wondering what kind of stuff I was making, here you go. Feedback is always welcomed by the way! so, until I'm getting some content myself, i'd ask you the following: if you have any kind of amusing conversations/events going on in your wot games, or even meme ideas, feel free to send them to me via mail (wotfunnyseries@yahoo.com), and I'll bring them to life in my own way thanks a lot! Will keep you updated as soon as the first vid comes out
  4. Pubbies? Not familiar with the term. So basically, I should take advantage of my tank's strengths in any scenario and focus on taking an advantage based on my team's position later on in the game. Sounds awesome and really helpful! Another questions, if I may ask: 1) How do YOU play TDs successfully? I managed to get to the Grille and I absolutely suck with it. I'm average on it with a very low winrate(41%). Whatever I do, I cannot manage to have decent games, although my d/b is 1,9k(low af considering its alpha). 2) Any tips for marking tanks? Thanks so much once again! Also, seems like I found my old account, lol.
  5. Hello friends ! Welcome to another Glorious Review ! If you missed the last one,make sure to check it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT9NrTgLAfc) Nothing much to say here...can't really explain how this type of videos work...can't explain all the random sh*t that's in it..you just have to take a look. One thing's for sure.It will make you laugh(I hope) Enjoy If you liked that video,make sure to check out MY CHANNEL for more stuff like this..and,as usual,feel free to subscribe Thanks for watching ! Have a nice day! Also,you can vote here for the next tank which I should review: http://strawpoll.me/6786797
  6. Since this episode had an amazing succes..brace yourselves for another one. 'A Glorious Review of the ISU-152' will be up on Saturday ! Prepare your bodies !
  7. Tbh,I can't even do that,coz my pc is sh*t :DD
  8. Ok dad :C I will change the font :C Dayum,those are some big ass MOE marks
  9. Thanks I hope you enjoyed it c: Just to clarify,I'm just a regular tomato trying to make something different.I want people to know that the WoT community has a sense of humor aswell
  10. I'm not an arty hater.If you watch my other videos,you will see that they are just meant for the lulz.They are parodies and should be treated as such.As a matter of fact,I am playing arties too ^^.This is just another episode of my Funviews,and as I said,it's a parody and should be treated as such.You got the wrong idea XD
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