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  1. Look up an app called Mathway. Gives good step by step instructions.
  2. You should post this in Redditt or the WG official forums. This place is more of an archive than an active forum.
  3. Current set up (not elite + half assed crew) --- This thing is a freaking mountain goat, and flies on flat ground. -Low noise system in first equipment slot (vision slot) -Mobility Improvement System T2 (experimental equipment) -Coated Optics With the MIS T2 mobility numbers are: 723hp w/ gas 28.38 specific power 67/23 fwd/rev 52.57 traverse Concealment: 45.6/10.85 for both moving and stationary Currently 918 concealment rating Edit: This thing is still as ugly as a bulldog wrapped in the Maryland flag.
  4. That sucks and I'm sorry you're account got fucked up. That's why I have two factor authentication on my account. It doesn't perfectly secure things, but it does increase the security level.
  5. I'm pretty sure that for web development you can use any $10 mouse off of Amazon. If you are playing WoT (I can't find your name as a player) then I personally like the Logitech G502. It lasts through quite a few clicks before falling apart. Good luck.
  6. New rig:


    64 GB of RAM

    MSI RX 6950 XT

    140+fps on max settings in WOT...still a shitter :disco:

  7. I have to say that I'm finding these new maps pretty enjoyable during the current Recon Mission. 

    Idk if they're actually more open or if it's that nobody "knows" the maps and just heads off to new and exciting locations.

    Definitely worth some pay time.

  8. Lot's of rushes w/ fast tanks. I've found that (for me) massing the flamethrower, gun turret, and the AT guns with a TD providing over watch helps keep this under control.
  9. They have offices in Chicago and Baltimore (Hunt Valley), Maryland for the console games. It wouldn't be a stretch to expand those areas. As an aside, Firaxis Games, the publishers of the Sid Meier games is located in the Hunt Valley area also, which is just north of Baltimore proper.
  10. When I look through old threads I think, "boy are you all going to be disappointed in the future."😢

  11. Ugh...no more Prime Gaming for WOT.  I liked my rental tanks.

    1. Jul_Le


      Is it done completely, or just for rest of the year?

    2. Devo


      Take this with a shaker of salt - Where I saw this, tt was stated that the relationship was done, done.  I sure hope not though.

  12. Does anyone else come back to WOT at the holidays to do the Christmas ornament stuff, or is it just me?

    1. lavawing


      yes, I'm sure I'm back for the Christmas ornaments not because my dumb ass accidentally paid for 150 moonbase boxes

    2. Devo


      WG thanks you for the donation to their slush...I mean development fund.

    3. crapcannon


      I forgot how the whole thing works so no.

  13. Happy New Year fellow nerds!!:disco:

  14. Is Mutsu the better than Warspite, Tier 6 Yamato? Pros: 1. Is Japanese 2. 16" Guns w/ 20.4 km range (24+ with spotter plane) 3. Goes 26 knots without flags 4. Has torpedoes for lulz Cons: 1. Godawful AA - Can only shoot down other duys spotter planes 2. Very short range secondaries - There are a not of them, they just don't go very far. Warspite still has better armor, AA, and the British HE. All in all, Warspite is still better, but feels blander to play.
  15. And so, as Tiny Tim said, "A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one!"

    Author: Charles Dickens


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