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Status Updates posted by Devo

  1. New rig:


    64 GB of RAM

    MSI RX 6950 XT

    140+fps on max settings in WOT...still a shitter :disco:

  2. I have to say that I'm finding these new maps pretty enjoyable during the current Recon Mission. 

    Idk if they're actually more open or if it's that nobody "knows" the maps and just heads off to new and exciting locations.

    Definitely worth some pay time.

  3. When I look through old threads I think, "boy are you all going to be disappointed in the future."😢

  4. Ugh...no more Prime Gaming for WOT.  I liked my rental tanks.

    1. Jul_Le


      Is it done completely, or just for rest of the year?

    2. Devo


      Take this with a shaker of salt - Where I saw this, tt was stated that the relationship was done, done.  I sure hope not though.

  5. Does anyone else come back to WOT at the holidays to do the Christmas ornament stuff, or is it just me?

    1. lavawing


      yes, I'm sure I'm back for the Christmas ornaments not because my dumb ass accidentally paid for 150 moonbase boxes

    2. Devo


      WG thanks you for the donation to their slush...I mean development fund.

    3. crapcannon


      I forgot how the whole thing works so no.

  6. Happy New Year fellow nerds!!:disco:

  7. And so, as Tiny Tim said, "A Merry Christmas to us all; God bless us, every one!"

    Author: Charles Dickens


  8. 3 Games Ranked in Warspite:

    Avg Dmg - 102k 

    Avg XP - 2k

    1685 WTR & got back to Rank 10

    Call it a night before I fuck it up

  9. Got a 5mil credit superchest in WoWs.  Thx WG!

  10. Purchased: The 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger has been removed. The Löwe has been purchased for gold:  7,500.

  11. #adaywithoutarty

  12. Is it weird that being a member of a clan makes me play less?

    1. Raj


      I quit because of wglna and clan wars.

  13. Blitz is the speed dating of stronk tenk games.

  14. Researched: T110E5 researched. Undistributed experience spent: 185000. Free Experience spent: 0.

    Sold: 'M103' successfully sold. Received credits:  2,007,690. Spent gold:  30. 

    Thank god.

  15. Dear 2016 - Please stop killing every memory of my youth.



  16. Feel lucky to have gotten a 2nd Ace on my IS6 since the bar is set so high on that tank.

  17. Evan Williams eggnog and WoT...Merry Christmas you filthy animals!

  18. I don't understand the use of the words "coward" or "cowardice" in a video game.

  19. Got called a 'hacking communist'. Must have done something right!


  20. Time to get a T8 pixel ship.

  21. Ammorack an IS3 and get called a hacker.  Even shitlords get called hackers by BIGGER shitlords.

  22. Thx for renting me the CDC WG...saved me some $$$.  Confirmed that I am just not good enough for that specialized of a tank.

  23. Victory: T-10 Steppes 5,7k damage, 7 kills, 1358 base exp

    Battle achievements Top Gun, High Caliber, Steel Wall, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"

  24. If I win Powerball I'll start my own interweb tonks game.  Wotlabs will be the official game advisers ;)

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