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  1. There's also the part where he tells you to go somewhere, which leads to you dying and him getting shots on the stuff that killed you.
  2. ^^^ This Best thing about the 105 is taking lulzy arcing shots over rolling hills in 3rd person view. They don't even have LOS to shoot back at you.
  3. On the TV side of things, the BBCs Shelock is nothing short of amazing.
  4. If you want to go nuts... http://www.cyborggaming.com/prod/rat7.htm
  5. The biggest issue with this sort of thing, particularly on the NA server, is population. Generally you queue up a tier7, and see 30-40 tanks per tier, at 5-6-7-8-9 waiting for a game. MM makes a game out of those and you play. If you split this into a group playing ranked and one not, then you split up the ranked into 4 tiers, and all of a sudden, you queue up for ranked and there's only 4 tanks per tier waiting in the queue. This would impact wait times severly, and you'd end up only playing with a small portion of the population. Additionally, platoons with people of different ranks would be
  6. M4, E8, T20 - That was the first line I went up, so I played them every day for doubles for quite some time. Rarely play them anymore.
  7. I've seen those games. T92 clicks my Pershing instead of the Foch155 who's also lit and sitting 25 yards to my right. Foch155 ends up with a Top Gun.
  8. Not sure why surviving is relevant. I've always thought of it as follows. If you were to replace your tank by an average player who had an average game, would your team still have won the game?
  9. Any game won by a valley push would have also been won by just going city and killing the enemy. I'll agree with Kraft, that if the enemy team is really bad and you know your team won't need you in the city, you can go farm bads in the valley.
  10. Battles: 9955 Top Gun: 114 Confederate: 117 Survival: 32%
  11. As someone who played tabletop Battletech in the 90s and Mechwarrior 2,3,4, I really wanted MWO to be good. It's made me quite sad. I actually started playing Tanks because I thought MWO would be kind of like it. As much as your tank in WoT feels like it is interacting with the terrain, through destroying elements, and having different feels to different surfaces, Mechs in MWO feel like they are detatched from the terrain and just kinda there. I also hated the HUD, hated the feedback, hated the weapon config/firing. It's all a mess.
  12. IMO this can really depends on the other team's composition and who/what you deal that damage to. If you just managed to kill a couple of thier bad players but you left their 60% guys untouched, those guys will probably pull through and secure the win, as you are not around to oppose them. On the other hand, if you went out there and killed Garbad early, you may well have secured a win. Alternatively, if you are top tier, and killing a bunch of bottom tiers, it may not be as effective as killing the opposite top tiers.
  13. Damn Sela... hogging all the braaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnzzzzzzzzzz in zombieland.
  14. This is like platooning. Above average players will have a better chance of winning at top tier, below average players will have a bigger chance of losing as top tier. It all depends on if you can out-carry the other teams top tiers.
  15. E 25 is fun to play and gets pref MM. SU 122 44 is frustrating due to the gun handling but can have some amazing games.
  16. It can't be that hard to program a bot to say things in the chat, so people don't think it's a bot. He seems to day the same stuff every game.
  17. I think for tanks like the T49 and Hellcat, you get some level of accidentally abusing view range and camo because bad players camp. The Hellcat can just carry at tier8 more than the T49 can carry at tier7, imo. That might explain why top level players get more out of the Hellcat. Also, I think the T49 is more vulnerable to random YOLOing and being 1 shot by a 105, which keeps it a bit more in check then the M18.
  18. Dining room table & chairs 6 Months of premium time Tassimo coffees.
  19. One thing I like about XVM is seeing how reliably bad players go to the bad player spots on maps. Technically, if you only ever played Lakeville, you wouldn't need XVM, the bads really always do go valley.
  20. I've looked up my terribad coworkers, who are all below that average. I'm sure I'm not the only one adding baddies to the database.
  21. The other big advantage of the 155 is how much it increases the hp range of tanks you can get a killshot on. You can put yourself into a vulnerable spot against a tank with 650 hp left and finish him off before he reloads, which you can't do with the 120.
  22. Back when arty got MM+2, had this game.
  23. I also got my 250k in 13 games today. 9-4, survived 8 with 26 kills.
  24. Tonight was one of those nights. 7-14-1 including 7 losses in a row. Teams just evaporated, or threw away wins. I've been logged off 40 minutes and I'm still seething. I can certainly see where you're coming from. I didn't TK anyone, although I did yell at people in chat. I also went in the General chat and blanket insulted everyone before logging off.
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