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  1. Took the big step and I'm downloading it myself Got the basic game loaded it is finishing the hi DEF now and I really am enjoying thE tutorial so far. I think I'm going to really like this game especially the no premium ammo and no mods part. Highly recommend you consider this
  2. Apparently you included -ranked battles in with randoms is my total showed up merged this morning.
  3. depends on the tier. I'm seeing fewer BBs from 7> but once you hit tier 8, the BB count starts back up again. T8-10 is definitely BB, DD centric meta unless a tier 9-10 CV shows up. edit: I gave up grinding my T8+ a few weeks ago but everytime I think I want to take the Fletcher or Atago/Tirpitz out, that's what I find.
  4. Player asked for help and that's the best you can do? That's official forum material right there and we're supposed are better than that here. I enjoy my Aoba but it used to not be that way. Fully upgraded, the Aoba can be a beast. You are a support ship so don't wander off alone and use both your superior detect range (11.7 with camo is best for tier 5-7 cruisers) and your gun's accuracy. Get your hits in from 12 km and further back (and you will hit) and then turn and put distance between yourself and anyone who fires at you that isn't someone you can outgun. Your torps are 1
  5. There is a thread or three on it somewhere but I believe some folks tested it and its more like 15% or so drop. I know I maintain 32+ knots in my Nicholas with engine out. The biggest way it can hurt is getting back up to speed as that takes forever using last stand on a dead engine.
  6. nope cause we are the original red headed step child of WG
  7. This mode totally blows sour owl shit for one reason only; the massive increase in draws that it will produce
  8. I hate to admit this but, coming from DDs into the German cruiser line, I'm having problems dodging shells it seems. I know small corrections work in DDs but I try that in CAs and just get blasted more often than not. Any tips?
  9. Thank you! Any thoughts on Zao v Hindenberg line as regards invisa-fire but also in general?
  10. and which ships are good/best at it? I ask after doing some reading here and in the WoWS forums and on reddit where I found this little gem: https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=360E87CC23673AEC!131&ithint=file%2cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!ABOQSeuh09KOjjk I am thinking some of the mid tier German cruisers could also be quite good at invisa-firing but it looks like the HIndenberg almost fails completely on it. I have found it to be an advantage from smoke with DDs and it definitely factored into games in WoT so I'm wondering about the different views on its impact in matches(es
  11. Would using conceal mod change your camo choice if you are using camo 2 up to that point?
  12. I'm into the Benson with USN and I think that Basics of Survivability is also important as a 2nd or 3rd tier I skill. IJN in Minekaze and I used the turret rotation help as the torps load plenty fast until Muts. I'll likely do a reset at some point there also.
  13. during CBT I think I used the AA mod on my NorCal. Not there yet since OBT release.
  14. I think NA may be getting this damn patch (733mb update happening) now. If the memory leak problems with the new maps are fixed as I result, I'm fine with it.
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