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  1. I also spent my first 6K games on the XBOX. I think you'll have a much easier time starting out on the PC than a new player, but you'll also find some differences in the PC version that challenge you (including what kind of rig you are running, whether or not you use mods, etc). Overall, I find the module and crew system much more fun on the PC, but I do miss the weather and nighttime effects on the console. There is a ton of great knowledge available on WoTLabs. I'm not a frequent poster, but have learned a lot here. Good luck!
  2. The T20 is great fun on any map that rewards gun depression and is a keeper in my garage. The T20 and T29 were the first tanks that really pushed me to figure out good hull down positions.
  3. All mods working as intended. Thanks for the update!
  4. Just as cool as the looks of the Zayaz panel was the ability to Ctrl-Click on damaged module or crew icons in the lower left panel to repair/heal them (vs. having to type in the numerical sequence)...
  5. Glory soundtrack is one of my all time favorites.
  6. Shade421 makes a great point. It's almost harder to play consistently well when you start doing a lot of intense studying of weakspots, armor facing, map positioning, etc, because you have to think about all these things consciously during the game. It takes time and repetition for the material to sink in and become second nature - kinda like learning to drive a stick shift in a car. When the lessons go from conscious to reflex you'll start to see a big improvement in your confidence and results. I'm about 6,000 games in (with some games on XBOX prior to PC) and still feel like I have a long way to go...
  7. I have been into WWII history from a very young age, but I think the main reason that I have gotten so into WoT myself is because of people like you in the WoTLabs community (and some on the original official XBOX and PC forums)! I admire that you and so many others here push yourself to get better at the game (as I do). The drive to better your performance in a general sense is a great quality that will serve you in many aspects of your life, but like any overused strength it can start to be self-destructive when you push too hard. For example, before wife, kids, soccer coaching, owning our own business, etc, I used to golf a lot and was pretty good at it. I only go out once or twice a year now if I'm lucky, and I have to be really careful to not obsess and feel embarrassed for the entire round thinking about what I can't do now that I used to be able to do before. It will drive me 100% crazy if I let it. I have to consciously remind myself to have fun and forget about the score and then I find myself having fun and hitting more good shots - by thinking and stressing less. For me, WoT is very similar to golf - 3 or 4 really good games (shots) followed by a few complete potatoes (shanks into the water), so I get really frustrated at certain moments, too. But on the whole, I enjoy playing, working to improve, and following the community behind this game. Lastly, not to sound like your dad, but try to keep the negative things going on in your life from affecting how you view yourself. It's impossible to say that those things won't affect you, but they don't have to define you. I went through my own stuff when I was younger and I really believe those negatives have made me a lot more successful in the longer run (what doesn't kill you does make you stronger). I just wished I could have seen that at the time and I wouldn't have made myself so miserable. Things in life tend to even out over the long run if you let them, just like your W/R in WoT...
  8. Coming from a green who would love to be playing consistently at even a blue level - don't be so hard on yourself. You are going to have a good session at some point in the near future that will "snap" you back into your prior level of confidence in short order (the player who had the higher recent is still you, btw!). I have noticed in my own play that even a brief run of bad games (either consecutive bad teams or my own dumb mistakes) can lower my overall performance in a very noticeable way and quickly become a tilt spiral, especially later at night when I'm tired. Once you have a decent run, you'll lose the worries about the "cant's" in your OP and just play without stress and the hesitation that can come with it. I'm glad in some ways that I got back into gaming through WoT at age 45 instead of 25. Even though I am still hyper-competitive and highly self-critical, I can chill a lot faster at my advanced level of wisdom (age) and do my best to remember that the entire point of play is to have some fun (except when getting focused by arty, which I will never consider fun)...
  9. True - all I had to do was drag my 9.8 files to the 9.8.1 folder and everything is working fine for me, too.
  10. Checked out one of your recorded streams on YouTube yesterday, actually. Like you, I find that the challenge of learning WoT's intricacies outweighs my frustration over (still too frequent) full potato games or inept teams in pub matches. I'm glad I picked up this game at age 45 instead of 25 from a calmness standpoint (I only imagine myself bashing in my monitor sometimes instead of actually doing it)! Welcome back.
  11. The lingering question I have about MoE's is whether or not better players place any value on them? It seems that since they are calculated off direct and assisted damage, that getting marks would matter somewhat? I have tried to play as many of the tanks in my grinds to the first MoE before moving on, and a handful of my favorites are getting in the neighborhood of a second, but should I care?
  12. Needed some gold, so bought a Bromwell last night and am loving it - other than it promoting hyperactive running and gunning that gets me into trouble at times! Must resist urge to purchase the Rudy, too (I already have a fully upgraded T-34-85)...
  13. Played a few hundred games since the patch and have only had it three times. I think it's a great map with what seems to be three distinct areas of terrain - the Western beach/cliffs, the relatively open middle section, and the hedgerows in the East. It gives you a chance to play different tanks to their own strengths on a single map. Mediums with mobility and gun depression are going to have a blast in the hedgerow portion - had a really fun game there this morning in my T20 even playing as low tier...
  14. If you had to choose one answer - are the majority of Purple players born with dominant cognitive or physical attributes that lead to success, or are they a product of learned skills and guile?
  15. I try to put some good karma into the system by congratulating anyone who has a carry, Top Gun, etc - especially if they are not someone with outrageously strong stats. I play almost exclusively solo right now, except for a few platoon matches with folks that friended me after complimenting them. My stats are in the same realm as Jedi's (but with more games played) and I am working up multiple lines into the realm of Tiers 6 and 7 (just short of buying my first Tier 8. Since getting Rexxie's modpack a while back, I have been amazed that even at my green stats compare pretty favorably to the majority of folks in the Tiers I play. For the first 50 or so games after getting XVM, I couldn't get out of my head the idea that folks might actually be watching what I do in the match. Now that I am getting more comfortable and my numbers are going up, I am definitely drawing more fire from folks both literally (arty) and verbally. I got called a bot and a reroll for the first time in the past week when I had off games and I realize it just comes with the territory (though it is frustrating when the folks who are dumping on you are deep red). Coming from playing the XBOX first, I can tell you that getting disparaged in typed chat is so much better than the verbal diarrhea that you experience from strangers on XBOX live - some seriously vile and hateful stuff on occasion (incredibly ignorant racist rants, included). At least the typing process and filters stop a good deal of the stuff that makes it from the mouth to the mic in the land of console peasants!
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