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  1. Ok, but I'll request to close this thread, because there is a shitty Peenoise NA noobie (ZXrage) does not play in EU Server, and he's a bot anyway.
  2. and btw Peenoise ZXRage of NA Region... 45% WR in Asia account is CONSIDERED NOOB lah. sorry for late reply, thanks and nice to meet you.
  3. NA Peenoise of Yellow Party. :minglee:

    1. ZXrage


      I am not sympathetic to either the Aquinos, Marcos, or any other political family. They all fucking suck.

      I'm sympathetic to Trump, though. :trump:

  4. well, I drop after 1st episode but... They made from Chinese animation not adapted in Japan thou.
  5. fixed. Philippines... SEA/ASIA players > NA players kek
  6. Hey Guys, any discussion of this season's anime? Also, I'm in Anime Fan ever since before playing W.o.T.
  7. Hello everyone! I'm Chaka Labradores, IGN: CHAKA24 from Philippines under ASIA server I'm new here in wotlabs ever sinces 2015 as new registered, 2012 as Wargaming account. So, my WR is ok, but my WN8 is quite yellow thou. Well, thanks for short introduction and Roll out! 7
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