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  1. what is the earliest they will post the weekend event? Where is the best place to find it the soonest?

  2. Thank you everyone. IS line it is.
  3. Trying to decide which line to go up. The is a t10 for cw. But right now which t6 should i get. Still learning and ill be keeping the kv1 and the 1s.
  4. You described me to a tee. I became so focused on damage that I just get stupid trying to get "one more shot". I have been too aggressive trying to get my gun in the battle as fast as possible. My damage is on the rise but my win rate is sinking. Thanks for the post, it confirms what i been thinkin. Time to slow down and refocus on learning.
  5. Two peanuts were walking down the road. And one was a salted.
  6. Shame on you all for makin me feel like this is the wrong place to ask a question. You guys are all very good at this game and i want to be too. I thought this forum was supposed to be different from the other one. It's not.I won't be back.
  7. Good I thought maybe I was a bad player. All the sudden last night I started getting these teams that were doing some not so smart stuff. Things you would never do on a battlefeild,and i mean the whole team.
  8. Does the match maker take the player skill in account when setting the match?
  9. I am pleased to be a source of amusement and I learned about cap points all at the same time. Thanx for the info and by the way after I read your post I laughed just as hard once I relized how screwed up that metric would be.
  10. Thanx for the warm welcome. Did not expect to generate a discussion upon hello though,you guys are leading me to belive I'm doing good.
  11. so it's defense points then? Great thank you. How can resetting the cap be expected? Wouldn't Capture points make more sense? Or even better hit rate?
  12. I understand this table. However, I'm not sure what the heading "DEF" stands for. Is that armor or what????
  13. I was in the 40's and started reading in the forums about how to play as a team member. It works the advice you guys give you know. And I have slowly improved. But I also understand that once I get to higher levels that wins will drop off. The best advice I have followed has been..... Don't worry about stats and kills, but rather damage and team support. Since I started doing that it seems that the victories have come more often. But i don't survive but about 25% of the time, so it may be just luck.
  14. Good Day - Wanted to say hello and express how lucky I feel to have found a game that is worth the time I have put into it. After 740 games I am grinding some tier 3 and 4 tanks and I hope to be driving a heavy tank(T1) by weeks end. I have read alot that warns against going up the tiers too quickly so my plan is to stay at tier 4 and 5 until I have learned more. I have become a member of an active and very helpful clan and hope to be a contibuter to Clan Wars soon. Feel free to friend me, platoon with me, or just say hello. See you out there. Captain Gonzo.
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