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  1. GreatPenetrator

    What Changed?

    We are nearing the end of some mission marathons, which makes people play much more "for the missions" than "for the objectives/win". As a result the matches tend to end up more as a clusterfuck thats harder to carry, and everyones winrates become more random. Those are my best guesses at least
  2. Pen is constant out at 0-100 meters. Then it falls off linearly at 100-500 meters. Then it is constant again at 500-720 meters. It is explained on the introduction page of Stranas spreadsheet that you linked The numbers in the garage is misleading, since they put the pen numbers for 50 meters, 200 meters and 500 meters. If you extend the 50 meter pen out to 100 meters, you will see that the 200 meter pen from the garage is exactly on the line between 100 meter pen and 500 meter pen. (well not *exactly*, since it's rounded up). This means that tier 10 lights lose 20% pen from max at 100 meters to min at 500 meters. (I'm not sure about the AP on the t100lt tho.) Looking through the spreadsheet, It is hard to find tank guns over tier 4 that have as bad pen falloff, unless they are autocannons. There are a few of them, but they are far between.
  3. GreatPenetrator

    Tier 10 LT rebalance - WG missing the point again

    Disregard the empty quote, forum bugged out in this post somehow Anyways: Afaik all tier 10 lights have the same 20% pen dropoff from 100 to 500 meters as the WZ.
  4. GreatPenetrator

    Tier 10 LT rebalance - WG missing the point again

    Just like the similar graph I posted to reddit (here: This graph has a small error. Pen is actually constant out to 100 meters, despite what you would think from looking at the garage stats. And after 500 meters there is no more falloff. This gives us a graph that looks like this: Granted its not that big a difference, but I thought I would mention it, since I made the same mistake (Notice btw, how the WZ-131-1 APCR drops below Hellcat APCR and TOG APCR at around 150 meters )
  5. AMX 50 100 Increased depression form 6 deg. to 9 deg. 50 100 buff from outta nowhere!
  6. GreatPenetrator

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    I really like this tank!
  7. GreatPenetrator

    IS-7 Exculpation Thread

    How the hell does he hit and pen so many shots aiming at tiny outlines in 3rd person?? (Also: those videos gets the award for most annoying mods of all time )
  8. GreatPenetrator

    Chieftain, FV215b replacement

    Note, though, that those stats are from before both the E5 and 113 buffs. (edit: you actually said that yourself... Eyes, plz) If i recall correctly, Nixon said later that the stats for post buff E5 (unsurprisingly) put it at the top of the list.
  9. GreatPenetrator

    FV4202 premium medium tank

    Jeez, thats bad... So It's pretty much just a worse Centurion 1..
  10. GreatPenetrator

    FV4202 premium medium tank

    Wait.. It doesn't have pref mm?
  11. Yeah, the colission model of the sideskirts on the 113 doesn't really match with the visual model... Who knows, they might just end up changing the visual model.
  12. GreatPenetrator

    FV4202 premium medium tank

    They both have 144/194/44 pen? The Rudy actually has slightly better effective hp/ton on all terrain types, due to terrain resistances. ~ 18.0/16.2/9.0 for Rudy. ~ 17.1/14.4/8.9 for 34-85. Not much to speak of - but it shows that sometimes the hard stats can be largely useless (or downright misleading), when comparing tanks. On the same note, the 34-85 actually have a better effective hull traverse at 46.6 compared to the Rudys 42. Silly, silly WG...
  13. This is how the Berlin crew works as well: BiA is a 0th skill. The main differences between girls and Berlin crew: - Girls start with enough xp for an additional skill, Berlin crew just starts at 100% main skill. - Berlin crew's 0th skill BiA can be mixed with regular BiA. Girls SiA can't be mixed with BiA.
  14. GreatPenetrator

    FV4202 premium medium tank

    I don't think that's very likely. If I recall correctly, they have said on multiple occasions, that they would never make a switch like the T34 again.
  15. You could ask over in /r/headphones daily purchase advise thread also. (here) Those guys should be able to give you some solid suggestions, especially when you can pinpoint your exact needs (and have no budget limit?).