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  1. FV215b 9+1 AMX50B 15 M48 Patton: 22-3 T110E5 27 TVP T50/51 28
  2. At least I can be proud that my former team won something.
  3. Yeah and your cliff strats really helped you win gold league too.
  4. It amuses me to bash on claws, because of how russled ViolentFaggot ViolentViolet gets.
  5. It amuses me to watch you try and defend your shitty recruitment thread, Violet. Almost as amusing as your shitty clan.
  6. I mean, if you want to include recruiting out of the garbage can, then sure, you do okay.
  7. I don't think you can call this a recruitment thread anymore, considering you don't get any good recruits anyway.
  8. Its kind of amusing how much shit CLAWS talks in pub matches considering how garbage every single one of there players are.
  9. Yes this tank is worth the grind. If you play it right, its one of the easiest tanks to farm/carry in.
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