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  1. I played the closed beta and now the open beta to try the new province. My biggest complaint is the helicopter flying and combat. What is the point of the guns being on it if you can't adjust the helicopter to actually shoot something. I might be wrong and your co-pilot can do that but solo I haven't found a way to change it and haven't played a ton co-op. With regards to co-op, the game is so much more fun if you are playing with people that can coordinate with, there is a noticeable difference. I enjoy the customization, I wish there was a little base of operations you could establi
  2. I think it is worth it, it is a good first Tier 10 because it is slow enough to not get yourself into trouble. While the meta is kind of going away from it that doesn't mean it is trash. An alternate plan you might consider if you don't want to go away from your main goals of the 140/62A and E5 is just buy the T-10 since it is on sale and grind it out while also getting a good crew. Come up with some sort of tank rotation where you are still playing the tanks you wanted to get first but also throw some T-10 games in there. The biggest bonus to On-Track events in my opinion is the crew trai
  3. All this talk about getting missions done and I am over here with 6 people in queue during prime time.
  4. Looking for a regular Weekday team. I have viable tanks at most tiers, I do not mind using free XP to pick up a tank. I also have some calling / strat experience in tournaments. I can make everyday just about every week unless an emergency comes up. Thanks for your time.
  5. Looking for a an experienced player to round out our roster for the remainder of the season.
  6. I am waiting for WG to announce more features and rewards for Rampage, while removing maps from pubs, because the missions for the T-22 have made the game mode "so much more popular" and an "exciting challenge for all players".
  7. I run Food / BIA / Vents on my STB and it is a noticeable difference when running food versus without. While yes food is expensive, just buy it on sale. When the STB was on track on PC they also conveniently had a consumable sale so I picked up 400 food. Like people have previously stated, I wouldn't worry about Optics vs Vents in mediums, especially when food is involved. They are removing all the bush sniping, non-corridor maps so camo abuse isn't as likely as it was in the past. Might as well maximize gun handling, DPM, etc when you are going to get a city map 3/4 matches anyway.
  8. Looking for new nerds, trying to find people to play with starting at 12 PM (Noon) EST.
  9. We are recruiting for next season already so if you feel you have what it takes contact me through these forums, the official WoT forums, or in-game.
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