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  1. T49 with 152mm is a Jpz E100 at corner when vs other LT has 800 or less HP.
  2. Do I need spend xp on top engine and turret? I am 10k xp away from 110.
  3. Darneepigoo


    Besides V.sta and opt, which one in your 3rd slot?
  4. Can these XP be used to unlock new tier X light tank?
  5. 9.15.1 bring M103 to new HD mode. Is there any turret ammor profile change?
  6. Darneepigoo

    The M103

    Bought it yesterday, 12 games so far, 50% WR, 2226 DPG. I got 2 top guns in 12 battles with first 120mm gun. I feel M103 is better than T32, at least it has higher pen and higher alfa to against tier X.
  7. Rexxie, You are very helpful in labs. You are proud of be in PBKAC. However, if every member in PBKAC act like you, PBKAC will have much better reputation. Someone's stupid action will ruin clan's rep. I don't think G will do that. You can shittalk after battle whatever you like if we were beaten. But not before the battle.
  8. They are not even a top 3 clan. Did I mention that was our clan's first time anticipation? I thought 07, gg or nice game are right way to respect opponents. When did it change?
  9. In first campaign, tier 6 battle. PBKAC attack Tilly ( small low tier clan never anticipated clan war before). We owned landing zone. We respect them and O7 before battle started. PBKAC started insult and told us go hanging ourselves, because we should not own any land. Guess what, we kicked PBKAC's ass.
  10. If you lucky in a open map, keep running, don't stop, then clean up at late game.
  11. So it's pretty much a no hull armor E5?
  12. Front line medium? Even closer than Russia medium?
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