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  1. As someone who started out in this game very poorly, I can attest to the ability of the people in this clan to help you improve at the game. My recent have raised by around 800 since joining the clan, and (like everyone) I am working to make them better. Bump!
  2. Hello fellow tankers! The Unforgiven [TUF] is now recruiting active, clan war-ready players. We’re a fun clan that takes performance seriously, but we know that real life comes first. If you’re interested in a mature(ish) environment, full of experienced people that have room for growth, well then...you’ve come to the right place. We do have a few minimum requirements: - 3 Clan Wars viable Tier X’s, all of our members need to be able to fill multiple tank roles if need be. -1350 WN8, with an improvement showing in recent WN8. 1700+ Recent WN8 preferred. Check your's here. -TeamSpeak 3 for communication. Even if you don’t have a microphone, we need you to be able to hear our callers. The biggest part of our recruitment process is our evaluation platoons, in which a member of leadership and perhaps one of our unicum friends will play with you to see if you'd be a good fit for us (and vice versa). We also request that you join us for our daily Stronghold Advances, so you can get a feel for our callers and strategies. What We can Offer You - A Community unlike any other in World of Tanks - The chance to improve gameplay with players from all skill levels - The ability to get involved with many different elements of our community, from recruiting and diplomacy to battle calling and training other players. If you are looking to seriously improve your stats, we do have a secondary clan [2TUF] that you can join and work with one of our resident Unicums(friends in high places/high in general), or clan trainers to help improve your performance. Not having above a 1350 WN8 is not an automatic rejection, we can work with you to help improve your results! If this sounds like a group that you want to join, get in contact with one of our Recruiting Officers: TheApparitionist or Newtin and we’ll get in contact with you ASAP. See you on the battlefield!
  3. Will do as soon as possible, laptop shit itself and died, so I have to send it back to dell. Probably wont be tanking for about a week. Thanks for helping
  4. Got off to a really rough start while tanking and am currently looking for people to platoon with to help circumvent my bad start. Any and all experienced players welcome, I only have one stipulation and that is I prefer that whomever I platoon with has Teamspeak 3, as it will be hard for me to coordinate and get critiqued if I cannot talk to you. Have raised my Win8 by thirty-five points in the past week and am hoping to continue this trend. Good hunting, TheApparitionist
  5. Unfortunately I am realizing that I used to bathe there regularly. No more!
  6. Hey everyone! I have been tanking for a long time, but apparently not very effectively, so here's to changing that. I have been playing since Team Battles was not a thing, the 1S was apparently OP and the WT auf Pz IV was not even a gleam in Wargaming's eye. I hope to have my first tier ten before long (the IS-7) but am holding off on higher tier matches until I learn decisively how to play well against higher tier tanks. I am open to platoons, and would love to get to know all of you guys, so don't be strangers! On the road to recovery, TheApparitionist
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