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  1. I think we have done it for Shit posting and just to rial you lot up at Pyro. Its not that funny though. If it was a vid of 1AR pounding Pyro into the ground then it may have been funnier. Its all meh to me though.
  2. Was thinking that too, but wonder if there was something else.
  3. Hope I direct at you as you paint yourself to be the more mature gamer. As someone more mature would ignore a bully I figured (incorrectly) that someone as mature as you would just walk away. i personally think this feud is dumb and you should both move on.
  4. Maybe if you stopped reacting they would stop caring...
  5. I'm loving the t-54 lt right now. But it's just a really mobile medium.
  6. What was the cheating in the clip. Forgive me but I didn't see it?
  7. Im still trying to get in contact with Wargaming, but nothing so far. I have pretty much ignored this at the moment.
  8. Hey Guys, Just wondering, I received this email. Question is: IS this legit? (it is from YouTubePartner @ wargaming . net Good day! I represent a company Wargaming.Net and Wargaming media network - VSP, which is the official representative of the company Wargaming.Net to YouTube! If you partially or completely specialize in Wargaming.Net products company (World of Tanks, World of Warplanes , World of Warships, WoT: Blitz), and are interested in the development and growth of your channel, we are ready to
  9. @Nutkase Not sure why i cannot delete tag. A good light tank player should be able to 1v1 a average ht player.
  10. Thats actually the only song that I cannot actually quote word for word. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUPu_ipbVB0
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