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  1. The only way I would play this game again is if everything was reverted back to the way it was mid 2013, maybe patch 8.6-8.8-ish
  2. Yep, it would definitely be cool to have a temporary server up to experience the 8.6 again. IMO that was the best time, up until 9.0.
  3. Damn, T-34-3 buffs? I'm so happy, it still felt pretty strong when I played last week
  4. Just wondering, are there enough English speaking competitive players to form even a single clan anymore?
  5. Can agree with new MM. Can't get purple damage on anything but tier 9/10. Everything else I get bad damage numbers, I thought it was just that I sucked after not playing the game for 1.5 years
  6. What I don't understand is that why is the AMX 30 and tanks that were introduced with no armour now have mantlets capable of bouncing tier 9 medium guns; I find that completely ridiculous
  7. When I left the game in early 2016 it seemed like every tank with a good turret was having its turret nerfed to butter. Now it seems like WG is buffing every turret. Wut the fck
  8. I heard WN8 is now dead, what happened? What's the new standard rating for good play?

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    2. Assassin7


      WN8 is dead. 9.18 changes made it and basically everything else obsolete because of legacy stats+average HP of teams has dropped.


      But WN8 is still the standard because theres nothing else really.


      But no one really cares any more at this point. At least, no one seriously cares.

    3. TAdoo87


      Upvote/comment is the most important metric. 

    4. MagicalFlyingFox


      The new standard is actually looking at the tanks someone plays and making a judgement on that. 

  9. Looks like the problem is view range saturation. I'd be perfectly happy if they just outright removed the guns from the light tanks, if LTs would be the only tanks that could have 400+ base view range and if WG would stop making every map consist of 3 corridors/some city map
  10. imo the light tanks were fine, it was just that the medium tanks had too much damn view range. You even had object 140s being able to reach 445 view range. Even with equipment, imo it's still too much. View range is way too important.
  11. I haven't really played the game for the past year, but from what I remember, light tanks were supposed to be about this: So why is QB repeatedly complaining about the gun/armor etc.? Though admittedly the view range nerf is a bit ridiculous.
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