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  1. Even back in the day when it still faced tier 9's, I found it a rather enjoyable tank to play. I liked it more than the StuG, mainly because the higher tier guns couldn't one shot you. The tank is super sneaky, is relatively fast and mobile and the gun, I used the StuG's gun, is somewhat reliable.
  2. Definitely keep the T29 and T32 and get them a new crew. The M103 is a really good tank and you'd do well keeping that one as well. I personally keep most tanks in a line from tier 8 and up. And if you really enjoy the M6, by all means keep that one too
  3. Feel free to leave everything on max settings. Just make sure to disable the grass, and lower the special effects, in sniper mode.
  4. You made such an effort of blanking his name in the chat, but you forgot to do the same for the title of the chat window
  5. Like HS5 said 2 posts above, we're mainly talking about either having optics or vents. We're not talking about replacing Rammer/Vert Stab with either optics or vents. Doing that would be a terrible mistake.
  6. Just to be sure: I can train as much crew to, for example, the mammoth and they will all be retrained to the E5? So after 9.6 hits, I end up with 2 E5 commanders if I trained an extra crew to the mammoth next to the default one.
  7. I'm getting the hang of this tank. It's best played as a second line support. That does not mean go sit where the TD's sit though. Just don't be the one taking the hits, and at the same time deal the damage yourself. The games I'm having the hardest time with, are the games where no one is spotting for me/being my meat shield. Peeking with this tank is also tricky as the reverse speed is very slow, plus the cupola sticks out above your tank which the enemy will be able to take advantage of while you're retreating back behind your cover. I've uploaded some replays on WoTReplays showing how I played with it once I had some clue on how to drive it. http://wotreplays.com/uploader/Ticino/id/269754
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