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  1. GTX 1070 is a good card, but in Europe Vega 56 is actually a good buy since the 1070 is either out of stock or costs more in some places. The Vega 64 is a total meme card, but the 56 vs 1070 is a matter of whichever one you can get cheaper imho. The way I see it is that if you can shell $500 for a GPU then you can also shell out $80-$100 for a standard gaming 650/750W PSU. I think the Vega 56 and Gtx 1070 go hand in hand for alot of people and will come down to preference more than anything because even looking at power costs, a fuckton of people dont care about that. My current rig is a
  2. Even though I stopped playing; an NA pubbie is more likely to atleast leave the base unlike every retarded Turk or Pole in a fucking E100/IS7 Agree with rest though. At the end of the day they're still terrible and WoT is still terrible.
  3. I stopped by to see what they were changing and to see if the 30v30 mode might prompt me to reinstall a bit. All I see from this patch is that the nerf of useful boosts and up-armoring mediums is slow corridor meta and spam gold or gtfo. Then you become poor and are forced to get over-priced premium tanks that are OP. Then when you have credits for tier 10 you're now forced to play 30v30 which fucks NA for queue times and all servers for inflating MoE which I highly doubt they even took into consideration. These Chinese TDs look like shitbarns on tracks meant to cope with the shitty slow meta
  4. Can confirm singular 1070 at 1440p and 144hz you can crank up the game to maximum and if you edit the files/download a mod that lets you past the 120 fps cap you will exceed 180-200FPS. Wot is badly optimized, but it can run on nearly any potato so... This ^ Right now with this I'd advise against a new GPU with prices still being high. Crypto did just have a MASSIVE crash however, but do not expect prices to lower dramatically yet. Wait a little while and you can probably pick up a new/used 1060 for a good price. If the crypto crash continues though; a flood of used GPUs wi
  5. I hope it was worth it... Being #1 NA or preserving friends/community that is
  6. I'd put the STRV S1 in the inbetween with an ************** that it's a very niche tank. Probably the single most niche premium WG has ever introduced, but for those who want a Swedish TD/Experienced in them. It's main issue other than that is being second to a Skorpion G, but I'd put it in the 2nd category because it's more map dependent than tier dependent (lol xD 290/330 pen on a fucking prem). Same can be said for the Lorraine it's for a niche crowd whereas the defender, patriot, liberte, and skorpion is directed more towards the general crowd. but that's just my opinion rest of
  7. You forgot the 132 for alpha. The gun itself has meh handling and pretty bad bloom values. The raw accuracy on alot of these tanks is bad, but the bloom and aim time blow the GF out of the water. The features the gun has will make it a strong competitor sure, but it's not nearly as OP as you retards think it will be. Go outfit a full LTTB and come back to me to talk about mobility. The gun shoots it's shells at the speed of a fucking potato gun as well. It's not an LTTB and cant brawl and it cant snipe like the batchat AP so its almost like WOW it's literally nothing! But I can see that y
  8. M41 is still kinda shit it actually compares favorably with the new tier 8 lights, but not by much.
  9. Literally every LT gun sub tier 9 (current 8s) has been shit on in one way or another. Doesnt mean useless tho
  10. The autoloader was dead prior to this latest nerf anyway. The single shot isnt bad
  11. Stellaris and Life stuff mainly how the fuck have u not a stellaris yet you can be space Chinese cartoons and purge the galaxy of all sentient life Whats not to love about that??
  12. No matter how dead this clan, forum, or game gets; it will never be as dead as The Division™
  13. No, but sub 150mm caliber guns dont get splash and its a prem
  14. first time M55 always went this fast and people are overestimating the actual effect of stun damage. At worst you'll have to be more careful during DPM fights. And that Bat 58 platoons are the new griefing mechanic. It's a huge nerf to arty because of the way Comp will play now. It encourages shitters to hellcamp vs good teams and what's more is that you cant just bring 3 arties to CW/SH/What ever the fuck to dig out camps. In Pubs it's annoying, but I find the Tier 10 LTs much more annoying in that their VR almost always goes over the 520 VR cap to burn camo which is fucking cancer b
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