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  1. Gg europoor union 

  2. @Xen

    This is the face of the new NAZI MOVMENT



  3.  Im going to tell u a story

    >dude is engaged to gf

    >vote trump

    >Gets life threatening illness and need surgery

    >Fiance goes on reddit saying she feels violated by his vote

    >Asks R/HillaryClinton and R/relationships for advice

    >Dumps him and leaves him to die for "mental instability"




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    2. Rexxie


      two of these things are not like the others lmao

    3. Xen


      Rexxie is the only unique speshul snowflake here <3

    4. Raj


      >Using Reddit

      That's when you know to dump her.


  4. _Assad

    How does it make you feel that according to BF1 and Dice that 1 in 4 soldiers in Germany and WW1 in general were black? And I'm not talking colonies. I'm talking Western Front.

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    2. Xen


      Kanye 2024. Trump needs a second term, man. 

    3. Medjed


      So @Xen you actually bought the game you faggot....pls add so we can plej together

    4. Xen


      my name's pagagru on origin. go ahead and add me :P

  5. Rigged MM at its finest


    Top 3 W/R in server

    All we did was trip platoon



    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Rip my 80% WR. Started soloing it a bunch. 

    2. _Assad


      I played with Dia and Bill. Even worse

    3. Nelson2011
  6. Time to shit on scorpiany in crd

    lmao cw

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    2. Shifty_101st


      Tell him the 113 is bad

    3. LemmingRush


      link thread pls.


    4. Inciatus


      I think he already shits on himself pretty bad.

  7. I hope everyone in the rotten vile and sodomized dead corpse clan called BULBA who has arty and plays arty; has a wonderful meme filled evening. 


    1. jackquerudo


      Corpse clan worships the corpse emperor

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    2. Assassin7


      I managed to sell the B2 I got for an amazing 200K credits or something, ao thats all I got. :(


    3. Korb3n_Dallas


      At least I got a couple of mil for the Mod 1 rental last night.

    4. Cunicularius


      Oh... I was wondering how 200k appeared out of nowhere.

  8. 4JBUJdF.jpg?1

    @CarbonWard @X3N4 @Kolni 

    Outplayed :serb:


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    2. DeltaVolt


      Nothing more than what we'd expect from a fellow Bulba :doge:

    3. Fulcrous


      Assad just let go of his eviolite.

    4. Patient0
  9. UfCv6uL.jpg



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    2. NoobestNoob


      Ah, ye good ole dynamic enrichment, doenst it feels great?

    3. Cunicularius


      You are in T34 and you are surprised? Literally arty lightning rod.

    4. Private_Miros


      Pretty common arty target location on Himmels (there aren't that many...). And T34 has some paper covering the engine deck...

  10. Round 2 Noobs :serb:


    Only thing here I paid full price for is the MSI mobo :doge:


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    2. Daezara


      corsair cx power supply isn't any good either :-/

    3. Fulcrous


      It's okay at 750W+.

      Anything below that isn't worth looking at.

    4. _Assad


      H75 isnt even bad considering the TDP the 6600k puts out

      which is 125w max iirc if overclocked. Which again I wont do that often if at all.

    1. Haswell


      Hitler had the right idea, just the wrong direction.

    2. BlackAdder


      I bet she masturbates to a cookbook.


  11. vQNt4lT.jpg

    i5 6600k is get

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    2. Assassin7


      ^why questioning why someone "didn't buy this, what they bought was stupid" is quite often a bad idea when you don't know the reasons behind it

    3. BlackAdder


      Down vota as much as you can, but by that logic K is not necessary and definitely more expensive than nonK cpu. 

    4. _Assad


      The nonK was out and I needed a new CPU that day because my old one was kicking the bucket from age.

      I have finals friendo. Chances are tbh I'll probably ask the store to put in the Z170 or the future H99 mobo in the near future or so because I can "Trade in" if it's under 90 days and then just pay the $110 upcharge.

  12. I hate the WZ 111 1-4

    I want to like it so much, but the fact it doesnt take any form of HE damage well irritates the fuck out of me.

    Got ammo racked by a T71 penning the side with HE

    Tank is great in ideal situations but in general I'd be better off in a T-10

    1. Fulcrous


      Nah. Just broken module mechanics.

    2. X3N4


      it's shit

  13. 2U8jIB2.png

    Tfw a team of yellows and oranges still couldn't win against a team that was short 2 people and full tilterino.

    Argentinian rigging clans should be banned

    10/10 would draw again


    1. neziho


      Wow look at all those legitimately earned T-22s. Man what dedication from their part.

    2. hallo1994


      Might as well change your name back to Donald_Trump :serb: 

    3. Deus__Ex__Machina


      i am saving this SS if you don't mind...for science

  14. 8qwfezd.jpg

    This is a fucking tragedy among bot programs

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    2. Trumpetah


      Best stationary rammer NA.

    3. Flaksmith


      lol fresh showed me that the other day

      still can't believe it

    4. TheMarine0341


      I see you have access to Abbey's account too!

  15. Slight glitch in my garage 

    I have 0 mods because of NA clan league but I can see all the ST tanks in my garage but cant play them.


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    2. Assassin7


      wow thats weird

    3. _Assad
    4. Assassin7


      wow, I want that, but 10 second reload? yuck

  16. M41 GF players are a fucking plague on the game. Fucking even more useless than usual with 5 lights per game. gg wp

    1. NoobestNoob


      Fragile, dependant on both user and crew  tank, what could possibly go wrong?:doge:

    2. Gandaran


      im telling you, no hp and since im playing mostly tier 8 prems i just get yoloed by 3-4 of them a game because xvm.

    3. NoobestNoob


      "look guize, therez the besterest player in the enemy team, if we throw 6 tanks to kill him we win" 

  17. All these idiots trying to rig makes for the perfect time to ruin their sessions

    1. TheMarine0341


      tempted to fire up my stream and just ready up in Doms

  18. 53Vhs1P.jpg

    Fucking retard bot maus wins because of dead gunner

  19. Girl tells me i should get my voting rights revoked for voting trump. Tells me im white trash racist anti-progressive (gay & transgender rights) who should go back to the trailer park.

     This same girl who is not only failing a basic US History pre-requisite, but is also majoring in gender studies. And berating me for choosing an education major volunteering my extra free time to tutor for kids in a local childrens hospital for Free. Because apparently teaching a 6 year old how to read and write cursive is more GOP Brainwashing.

    If only you could see the look on her face when i showed her the pictures of my new boyfriend and I; who's not only African American, but also a muslim. We are both for Trump.

    I love America. :serb:


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    2. AGK47


      Yeah, it will be. I just hope the next candidate realizes the importance of a secular government...

    3. Goldflag


      its either hillary of bernie though. donald trump destroyed the gop

    4. Shade421
  20. You know this forum is truly doomed when I've accumulated super unicum poster points. 2900+ upvotes for pure 4chan styled degeneracy apart from the occasional good post

  21. PM _Dia_ for Bat Chatillion 25t codes

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