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  1. Girl tells me i should get my voting rights revoked for voting trump. Tells me im white trash racist anti-progressive (gay & transgender rights) who should go back to the trailer park.

     This same girl who is not only failing a basic US History pre-requisite, but is also majoring in gender studies. And berating me for choosing an education major volunteering my extra free time to tutor for kids in a local childrens hospital for Free. Because apparently teaching a 6 year old how to read and write cursive is more GOP Brainwashing.

    If only you could see the look on her face when i showed her the pictures of my new boyfriend and I; who's not only African American, but also a muslim. We are both for Trump.

    I love America. :serb:


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    2. AGK47


      Yeah, it will be. I just hope the next candidate realizes the importance of a secular government...

    3. Goldflag


      its either hillary of bernie though. donald trump destroyed the gop

    4. Shade421
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