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  1. vQNt4lT.jpg

    i5 6600k is get

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    2. Assassin7


      ^why questioning why someone "didn't buy this, what they bought was stupid" is quite often a bad idea when you don't know the reasons behind it

    3. BlackAdder


      Down vota as much as you can, but by that logic K is not necessary and definitely more expensive than nonK cpu. 

    4. _Assad


      The nonK was out and I needed a new CPU that day because my old one was kicking the bucket from age.

      I have finals friendo. Chances are tbh I'll probably ask the store to put in the Z170 or the future H99 mobo in the near future or so because I can "Trade in" if it's under 90 days and then just pay the $110 upcharge.

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