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  1. For my playstyle yes, but there are many more cons than the ones that I listed because many are "situational" or "theoretical." Such as HTs peeking a corner because 390 alpha is not 750+ alpha. It's a great break from these brick Casemate TDs slugging it out with super heavies, but the cons are not enough to justify it being the best TD in the game because it's direct line of competition is the grille right now, but if WG nerfs the Grille in the future who knows?
  2. Currently at 68% W/R 200 Battles and 4006 DPG. The King of Gimmicks has arrived to the live servers. And with it has come many extremes and some entirely new playstyles. And no I'm not talking about how this tank is a camper's dream, In order to win games in this tank it's alot more complicated than what many of us are used to in a paper TD and a paper tank in general. No this tank is a breath of fresh air from the Grille 15 and unlike the Grille it's a much higher skill ceiling tank to play. Quite frankly I'm sure that if you straight up used free xp to get the thing day 1 with no prior
  3. This line is unique and everyone that was telling me it was too situational before are now dropping buckets of gold to free xp the damned thing. Given they are total trash in city maps, but otherwise they can abuse boosts and camouflage. And a 6s reload with 390 alpha, 308 pen APCR, at tier 10 seems far too enticing for me to pass up.
  4. The TDs in particular have my attention. The tier 1-5 I'll skip out on, but the tier 6/7 TD look pretty good tier for tier. no armor, good camo, great gun dep, fast, decent guns with good gun handling and pen, but shit dpm.
  5. https://ritastatusreport.live/2016/12/08/wg-fair-play-on-ru-cluster/ https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/12/08/wg-dev-caught-cheating/ This game is truly terrible.
  6. ARE THE BUFFS CONFIRMED? This is my problem
  7. Im actually stumped as to which one i actually want. Aesthetically I want an M60. I also kind of want the 121B because i feel like they might buff its dpm. And lastly the 907; I dont have a single RU med anymore, but when I tried out the 907 I kind of liked it. If I could find out whether WG has plans to buff the 121B I'd decide easier.
  8. Re title this thread to 9.17 The Lowe (Lion) is Bullshit Edition. I'm going to go and buy a Lowe in 9.17 Latest batch of test server has it performing like a fucking boss. When angled the ufp is still the weakspot, but 150mm angled at 45 deg is still like 200+ eff. When ur side scraped however tier 10 TDs will fucking ricochet. And the new engine has it feeling like the old E75 when it too was capped at 35 kph. As in while still slow it can actually hit it's fucking top speed now.
  9. Gg europoor union 

  10. @Xen

    This is the face of the new NAZI MOVMENT



  11. to be fair though. 50%+ camo at tier 10 is fucking retarded. It'll do 3k damage before even being lit on most maps. Also I think even with this nerf they might buff the overall armor to 50mm or something
  12. https://ritastatusreport.live/2016/11/28/swedish-vehicle-test-server-updates-nov-28/ Good day everyone, A small update to the test server today. 33.3MB for the SD client with 12.4MB added to that for the HD client. So straight from the RU portal… Strv 103: The time to enter siege mode is reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds, exit time is reduced from 2.5 to 1.25 seconds. Reload time is now independent of the mode. The accuracy at 100 meters in siege mode is increased from 0.2 to 0.3 meters. Reload time is done independent of the mode and is 9 seconds guns 10,5 c
  13. The Lowe buff says hello. WG didnt mention they buffed the turret front from 120mm to 180mm thick and when hulldown literally cant be penned xDDDDD
  14. Incendiary is good area denial and on top of which are also anti vehicle to a minor degree. For what I myself lack in incendiary kills; I more than make up for in using them for distraction or pure area denial. I use them on Assault/Support. Gas was good when the game first came out, but pubbies finally figured out how to hit T and as a result on the the other classes I use frag or AT grenades. Incendiary is good because they cant just walk through it like they could with gas and more often than not you can still run through the fire AND SURVIVE, but most people still wont do this.
  15. _Assad


    go get bf1 fucker
  16.  Im going to tell u a story

    >dude is engaged to gf

    >vote trump

    >Gets life threatening illness and need surgery

    >Fiance goes on reddit saying she feels violated by his vote

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      two of these things are not like the others lmao

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      Rexxie is the only unique speshul snowflake here <3

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      >Using Reddit

      That's when you know to dump her.


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  17. Aqua are you just fully committed at this point?
  18. _Assad

    How does it make you feel that according to BF1 and Dice that 1 in 4 soldiers in Germany and WW1 in general were black? And I'm not talking colonies. I'm talking Western Front.

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      Kanye 2024. Trump needs a second term, man. 

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      So @Xen you actually bought the game you faggot....pls add so we can plej together

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      my name's pagagru on origin. go ahead and add me :P

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  19. I got some cheats IRL though. In the form of the G502 with Maxxed out mouse weight and a double dosage of propanolol (beta blocker/muscle relaxant) basically all that does is make it so while I still do have twitchy aim that looks weird if spectated; I dont have erratic muscle spasms like I used to before I got nerve damage pretty nice to finally be good again.
  20. I got reported so much to Origin for "cheating" that the EA gave me an Autoban just like the old WGEU unsportsmanlike conduct ban. Literally the same thing. I reach out to support they say my FF profile is fucking solid, but they cant undo the ban because it is automated. 3 Day ban to think about what I did wrong. Probably because I used too much 12G Extended Automatic. WEW LAD
  21. I reported them to the FBI division in Phoenix already. Like in person. I know the director of ops in PHX personally and he said that they'd just pass it on to the PA FBI where they just track this shit. I also did not release Tsavo's info to them so idk whether the FBI has it or not. In any event they've been silent since I reported them in terms of building more troll profiles. So they might have gotten a cease and desist order. But even if they got one of these it doesn't mean they have to take anything down...Yet. Also I barely know Tsavo, but this was more of a case of these fuckers
  22. I use the selbslater factory tbh because I actually liked the iron sight The selbslater optical is by far the best tho. You have to pace your shot, but a 26 shot magazine is bonkers even if you have less RoF and control than the Mondragon. Selbstlader M1916 Factory SELF-LOADING RIFLE 425 Top 2% 38% Top 4% This is me and remember that I have Parkinso
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