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  1. Indeed, it is fun to see people get stunned for a moment
  2. Sure, it can two shot Tier 8s. So can the Rhm with the 15 cm gun and 334 pen HEAT. And it gets a turret. It can actually brawl at close ranges. The only thing the ISU is good at is kempbush/unfairplane.
  3. Honestly, if you want to play a DPM Tier 7 heavy, the Tiger does it better. Hitting people for 400 is what makes the IS special imho.
  4. Oh, there's no doubt the 100 mm is better in general. I'm just doing this for the novelty.
  5. Pretty much. Even more so with the Chinese tanks.
  6. You mostly have to look for small dips in terrain, since you can't go hull down on ridges like the the Japanese/Americans/Brits, or you look for obstacles that are big enough to hide your hull (e.g. the rock formation in the middle of the west side of Abbey. T-54 turret was nerfed when it went into HD, so it's not as good as it used to be hull down, but things like the T-62A and 430-II are incredibly hard to damage when they find a good position.
  7. I've been playing this thing with the Komedy Kannon loadout (D-25-44, full gold except for 3 HE, vents, rammer, vert stab, BIA, snap shot, smooth ride, rations) recently, and...it's actually not too bad. Still sad that the reload is longer than the ISU-152's. It is fun to smack people for 400, though, with 217 pen APCR.
  8. Apparently it also has a frontal transmission too?
  9. Is the mobility roughly comparable? Chi-Ri suffers a lot because it has a slightly better gun but has to fight Tier 8s and 9s a lot.
  10. I don't own this tank, but I find it funny that this thing has higher damage per shot than the Chi-Ri, despite both having 75 mm guns. Does it play similarly to the Chi-Ri?
  11. cwjian90

    AMX 50 Foch Help

    Replay doesn't seem to work with the new patch, but I will take your advice. Thanks.
  12. cwjian90

    AMX 50 Foch Help

    So you spammed APCR a lot? I've been trying to make it work with AP, but I guess 257 is just bad at Tier 9 for a turretless TD,
  13. cwjian90

    AMX 50 Foch Help

    Well, I do at least want to Ace it before I park it. Perhaps I'll figure it out eventually.
  14. cwjian90

    AMX 50 Foch Help

    Oh, I knew it was below average, but not "the-worst-TD-in-its-tier" bad.
  15. cwjian90

    French TD Thread

    I am pretty sure that turret dispersion stats for turreted TDs come into play when you move the gun without moving the hull. I don't understand why that stat on the Foch is so bad. You can see it in the game by just locking the hull and moving the gun, watching how big the aim circle bloom expands to.
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