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  1. Meh, I have no problem with paying for games. And I sure as hell am not really a fan of f2p micro transaction bullshit that is WG's norm. However, no turn based combat is an automatic out for me. I absolutely do not need an RTS type game that epic huge combat could become a clickfest.
  2. I recall a friend using a parallel port zip drive to load games in the mid/late 90s (Warcraft 2, Mechwarrior 2). Now that is a slow load time.
  3. Well, mercenary does not appear the way to go. I sat in queue with 50+ other mercs waiting for a team to need me. I don't think I am ready to join a team formally, as I am just plain not that good except in certain ships and I *really* don't want to join a team that is horrible to be fodder for others.
  4. I have been neglecting this thread, so a whole bunch of updates: Played a couple of new boardgames: Automobiles: An unlicensed nascar game. It is a deckbuilder with cubes from a bag instead of cards from a deck. I prefer the cards route as you have a reference of what each thing does... IN YOUR HAND. With the cubes, I had to look at the reference card continually to remember just what each one did. This is no different than quarriors where you have to keep referencing the master cards. Pandemic: Legacy. The hyped new number one game on boardgamegeek. I understand the hype
  5. I wonder at what point would the OP change driving habits?
  6. God damn, if I knew it would have that paintjob I wouldn't have tried for it. Ug.
  7. FrodoTSolo

    Naval Action

    I had beta access in this game. Tried it again recently. COMPLETELY LOST. Crew? Customization? Ports? I bravely left my home port of I don't know where and I saw my immunity ticker descend. I bravely turned around and went back into port of I don't know where. Are there any noob guides on what the hell to do with everything now. I just want to sail around and shoot shit dammit.
  8. Well, they expanded the rules twice. Once to allow for 260 to get the ship outright, which is because of yet more idiotic differences between servers for no reason... and the other was allowing the missions to basically go the distance to time by extending the final goal. The secondary expansion was in my mind, related to the first expansion. It is like wargaming is absolutely horrible at math and or programming. There should never have been a hard pearl cap and should always been a time cap only. The other thing that bothered me with this event is it shows how little they try
  9. Did a one time payment to Never. That's about it regarding WoT. Gave to Bun because, well... why the hell not. That's about it regarding anything remotely WoT related. I give to other things, which are private in relating to this site.
  10. The problem with releasing partial information that was probably translated from questionable methods means speculation is all we have.
  11. If you lose the innate ability to ctrl-click until you get the commander skill, that is a HUGE blow. If the skill just improves ctrl-click, fine. I am absolutely fine with the AFT going away completely, any nerf to it is fine for me.
  12. Meh I find carriers as a whole, boring as hell to play. Maintaining supremacy allows me to then use my fighters to keep enemies spotted. Sure, I may be doing little damage, but I am still more useful than the completely neutered enemy carrier (even if he got off one strike). Having a supremacy carrier basically means that the carriers on both teams are non existent. Which I much prefer than having 2 strike carriers in play wrecking both teams because they can not deal with each-other. Nothing is more annoying to play against than an unchecked strike carrier.
  13. I will honestly let you know when I start to struggle at my goal of air supremacy. I am not seeing it yet.
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