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  1. I somehow doubt that. They can remove the reward tanks from cheaters and prevent them from doing the missions again. How would they do that? Either they remove the reward tank and don't touch the missions, effectively leaving them on completed status. Or they tamper with them. And if they can do that then they can fix your missions. But, this is WG we're talking about. They apear to be of a mindset that it's better to have one disgruntled player than spend precious man-hours trying to help one guy out. It's not cost effective from their POV.
  2. Thanks, that was very helpful / insightful =)
  3. If I'm not mistaken, you almost always seem to go for the chrome barrel lining (damage and accuracy) and experimental propellant (damage increase) but I also see: advance thermal sleeve (reload) --> why none of the cross breed retrofits with reload? upgraded transmission (acceleration) --> same here, why none of the cross breed retrofits? hull traverse or turret traverse simply not needed with the mbt's at those tiers? intercom systems (crew skills) --> I'm hearing a lot of conflicting info, which also happens to be mostly negative like: It's bugged and doesn't work.
  4. I'm no number cruncher but as some have mentioned, it's quite situational. Personally I just hate the reload time on the MBT-70 for example (and aim time for that matter). But I'm quite happy with the alpha. I also like to brawl with it and that's where I find the slow reload hurts me the most. So I'm inclined to go for reduced reload time. Very subjective choice I know =) What I'm more interested in is how does aim time compare to improved accuracy. Not sure if there's a topic on here that covers that aspect. I haven't browsed through all of it yet
  5. Good stuff. But, and this is offc personal, what I really liked were the weakspots =) I also had a quick look at your retrofits and they struck me as odd but then I don't pretend to be an AW savant so I'd love to hear your reasoning behind your choices =)
  6. Thanks for the gif Dashnog. Much appreciated. However, the effect is greatly lessened without the healthpool display. Everyone else also thanks for the tips. I'll give it a go through your guide StranaMechty =)
  7. Hello guise I've got a ram kill I'd like to make into a .GIF file. Problem is, I know fuck all about recording and making gifs. Now I can mess around for God knows how long untill I either meet with success or give up out of sheer frustration. But, before I go down that route, I figured I might as well ask if a kind hearted soul with experience with these things could spare me the headaches. Here's a link to the replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2258242#fiery_salient-sacristar-o-i_experimental The ram kill occurs at about 11:10 in the game. Thanks in advance! Sacri
  8. I can't seem to complete this one. Is the wording off? It should be piss easy to spot ppl before they spot you, especially when passive scouting. Yet I can't for the life of me complete this mission :x *EDIT* Go figure, right after writing this I completed it :x
  9. Mind linking it? I couldn't find it myself. Also, nobody seems to have a problem with the final light mission? 4K spotting/tracking? That's pretty darn steep tbh :/ And that's only the first one Especially with all those high tier lights and meds with as much if not more view range and speed than you zooming around the battlefields :x
  10. Thanks! Helpful =) And I agree yeah, a vehicle list would be most welcome =) I have neither a gigantic garage nor am I far in the missions but so far, TD's: the T67 has proven Godlike for the TD missions though I admit, it's a twink so added benefit there. The Lights: I have the Ke-Ho in my garage atm and I've used it for a few of the light tank missions. It's an above average tank at it's tier IMHO and it doesn't get the skewed matchmaking the scout classed lights do. I only have the VK and Chaffee atm and they get the job done. I generally prefer the Chaffee but the I used the VK for H
  11. Not sure if I should be welcoming you since I'm new myself but whatever Like the post. Love the ava
  12. There's an article on the WZ-111 up on the main site with a few replay vids to give you an idea on how to play it. It's not a long read so I suggest you read it: http://wotlabs.net/articles/wz-111-review-and-guide/ Although the essential bit for you would probably be to not snipe but brawl when and where you can. And to carry a fair amount of gold ammo. With 175 pen on your stock shells, that gold ammo becomes a necessity rather than a luxury for a fair number of tanks you'll come across.
  13. Hello everyone. I'm Kristiaan from Belgium and I go by the tag of SACRISTAR. I just got back to the game after yet another hiatus. I've played WoT off and on for a couple of years now and as you can see, I'm in an 'on' fase again =) I got into the game because of my brother and a mutual friend who are both big on gaming (as am I, I just don't really diversify anymore like they do) and the World Wars. I didn't like it much so I quit but they kept poking me to give it another go which I did and well, here I am, still playing from time to time and enjoying myself to boot =) I didn't e
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