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  1. HT-12.3 can be done much more easily in T29 or O-I if there's no arty so you get to sit around, hold down a flank, and plink shots. Sometimes the O-I gets killed before you can get 2k damage though. I did HT-12.3 and 12.4 in the VKB days before they nerfed the lower plate. Don't forget about the Swedish heavies holding a hill! Again, with no arty, you can sit around and rack up some numbers. I suck at TDs. Took me a couple hundred games in JPE100 to get TD-15.3. That's when I sold it and went up the Grille line. But with the new MM you can get much larger health pools in the battles than before if you have the higher tier tanks. If all you have a Skorp it's definitely possible however if you were having good enough games in it to do it then I guess you wouldn't be posting
  2. I don't think this is the case. Maybe those people are thinking of the HT mission where you have to end the battle with no modules/crew destroyed/dead?
  3. So you're saying that in the end of the battle recap, where I see I killed crew members or destroyed modules, those players never fixed/healed them with a kit?
  4. @MatzerMike don't forget you can also platoon with heavies who tend to rack up a lot of spotting. It doesn't have to be a bunch of LTs!
  5. Excellent question. I re-purchased the tier10 French arty during the 30% off sale just for this reason. It has 0.61 dispersion compared to my previous go-to M53/M55's tier8 gun having 0.63 (or 0.75 for the big gun). And the stun duration is almost as long but you get 3 shots per clip! Being able to re-stun a tank or tanks out in the open that just used their kit will be sweet. So my vote is Bat.-Châtillon 155 58 until a smart person explains why I'm wrong
  6. I'm really sweating that 50 cents I lost when I just made a bunch of free gold though.
  7. I bought some for the Bulldog and they didn't take them back. Glad I picked some cool shit for that one just in case of that.
  8. Probably Memorial Day or if nothing else on 7/4.
  9. I'm having a great time in this tank and I'm new to it. I still suck at angling the turret and I take a lot of gold pens through the front when I think I have it turned far enough and that's confusing me...but with so much health and such a smooth gun I'm doing pretty well and making some game-changing moves.
  10. I dislike playing TDs and am grinding toward the Grille 15 right now just to bang out the last set of missions. The nerf will prob get here before I have time to do that many of them. Boo.
  11. I just bought the last one I needed, not bad for $7.50 to get all those rewards plus 2,875g. It would have been nice to have something that made a little more sense though.
  12. From the handful I've gotten (see sig for my fav one) I stop replying to them at all and eventually disabled chat from non-friendlisted people. For the few hours a week that I plop down to play I want to actually play! I can't imagine how often this happens to really good players...ugh.
  13. I don't agree. The premium HE is for more explosion radius so that RNG doesn't stick it to you and entirely miss a 50-250HP shot because you went cheap on your ammo
  14. Depending on the mission I use all gold. If time = money you're better off shooting gold HE.
  15. <--- same boat, would like to know...I end up being way too passive in center & west hills and/or castle and not doing much.
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