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  1. so going river bed in sand river is still a thing.... why? its not a strong position and easily countered.....


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    2. mati_14


      If you are in a fast heavy, it's good to get some early dmg, also, it's probably the best place to place in +1 arty matches.

    3. Fulcrous


      because you do virtually nothing useful anywhere else as a superheavy.

    4. Hellsfog


      2 hours ago, Fulcrous said:

      because you do virtually nothing useful anywhere else as a superheavy.

      or reach before the game is over. 

  2. got called a reroll cause i don't have enough low tier games :)

    pubbies are 11/10

    maybe I should seal club more? :P

    1. Darvek


      Apparently. Some people really like to be arty focused, so they play well more than half their games in tier 2-4, piling up stats, then being thoroughly mediocre or worse in high tiers.

    2. Curo


      I mean I am well above average is most tiers at this point, but that doesnt mean I am good and I sure as fuck am not a reroll, I just play mostly tiers 8-9-10 cause those are the longest grinds or tanks I play to get. TBH I just dont find the mid and low tiers as fun.


  3. GG die in match instantly get kicked off server, then server says under maintenance (just 1.0 thing) but my PC cant even load a webpage says there is no internet. GG

    had to restart. i dont even understand how that even works.

  4. Thank you wargaming I now currently have 12 tier 9s on the go.

    T54lwt, t10, m46patton, t54e1. jagdtiger, obj 257, wz 11114, type 61, amx 50120,  t49, Conq. LIKE GG WHATS CREDITS. Atleast they all fully upgraded lol.

    Also the IS-M look like trash

  5. When you track a TD as is comes around a corner but the gun wings to point at you :/


    1. NightmareMk9


      Trying to grind out the 122/54. I was tracked twice in the same game.  Took my gun from pointed RIGHT at the enemy to the other side of the F-ing planet.  And the gun is already terrible.  RIP

  6. getting tk'd by a salty simp player.... GG was fun. reason he tkd me, match was over i was a 1 hit type 61, just wanted to farm some end game, couple more shots, get that nifty super dark purple stuff. nope gotta tk me cause he is salty/10

  7. I'm not a hundred percent sure if WG will let me say this but eff it, if WG where to implement frontlines as a game mode today, with the maps theyve released for it, I don't think anyone would complain, beyond minor tweaks to economy.

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    2. Curo


      are they still calling this frontlines? I like sunny valley even it feels copy pasta, but then again i like hull down or high mobility which that map plays for. Grand Canyon might aswell be called Grand Corridors.

    3. robosapieo


      Yeah I'm pretty sure this is still frontlines, and they were asking players which version they preferred (this or the previous iteration). I also like sunny valley, but from my experience, the only viable position where you can get consistent results is the southeast corner. The middle is a bit of a gamble and the northwestern "heavy flank" is so useless it may aswell just be a giant suicide pit.

    4. Curo


      The middle is great in STB-1, kran or Cent AX, ad would be if WG got off it ass and offered a chieftain....

  8. I'm dissappointed with 11A_D i dont think they even challenged mahou once after all that, just gave them 1 round of triples thanks to a pair of random pubby clans. SMH

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    2. CenturionofRome72


      I don't know if they can back off from not attacking us to really not attacking us. We never even saw the pubby chip spam they promised us.

    3. Curo


      I know 1 night you had doubles or triples. I kinda feel bad for mahou, guys just wanted fights XD

    4. Assassin7


      I think the one triple we had was just coincidence of multiple pubbies. 

      But yeah, we just want fights lol. But noooooooo they're too fucking pussy to do it.

  9. i think i just got yolod like yall talk about, like hardcore yolod, does this mean im not bad? I mean im still teal, teal is bad...so why am i getting yolod.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Probably because too far forward and without backup :P

  10. you ever had a game where your like, all ive done is fuck up? that was me, holy shit im bad.

    1. XXCaptainUnicorn
    2. DirtyACE7


      Almost every other time I play WoT I feel that way. I may have recent purple stats but I feel like they are a lie.

  11. So a 183 just max rolled me with AP.... feels bad man

    1. leggasiini


      at least he didnt max roll with HESH :D 

    2. Archaic_One


      183 HESH can now pen cupola on E5, that was fun to find out :cri:

  12. The amount of pubbies that have fired HE at me today? like WTF, good memes,

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    2. DirtyACE7


      Yeah that's something I've found really bizarre these past few days. A lot more that usual HE-firing players. For example I was in my Patton KR and had an enemy Tiger II, Patriot, and T-44 all firing HE at me in one match. I wasn't even hull down that they wouldn't be able to pen me. And many more matches like this. I mean it's not a complaint because it's better for me but like what the hell is this?

    3. saru_richard


      well thats what happens when you buff superheavy tanks through the stratoshpere 

    4. DirtyACE7


      Buffing a tank shouldn't nerf your own brain though but apparently that is exactly how it works for some.

  13. WTf is happening to bulba?

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    2. Assassin7


      Wrong or not, its one thing to underestimate a clan like CLAWS and call them trash, but if you underestimate and shit talk literally the only other clan on the server that can give you a decent fight as if they are trash like claws, theres a massive fucking problem. 

      Also multiple bulba members in mahou slack confirmed or half confirmed that post Banana made anyway, even if its not entirely accurate its not completely innacurate either.

    3. hall0


      Saw the video and it reminds me of this fake OM vs Pirates CW 4(?) years ago

    4. KruggWulf
  14. holy fuck the more i see Gasai Yuno posts the more I think, this dude is as retarded as tantan or wesley001

  15. installed mods to record and upload replay, notice i recorded replay with modpack that has illegal mod installed, uninstalls mods, tries to reinstall modpack without illegal mod. Modpack was already updated to next patch. GG replay was shit anyway. kappa


    1. Android25


      But you don't need mods to watch your replay... Besides camera distance and things that affect your auto aim, you can't even tell what mods were used if you watch the replay without mods installed

  16. Also I love how mentioning muslims in the news as of late triggered some new recruit so hard he left the clan.


    and nothing of value was lost.


  17. Getting 4 fires in a single match, lighting each tank twice, all that skill, and then burning a WT for 2/3rds the next match.


  18. This fucking cancer, fucking rel2 guy trying to say that the IS-6 has bad armor......

    1. hallo1994
    2. Cup_Of_Soup


      It's REL2, do you expect competence?

    3. HemanathanRX7


      is-6 does have bad armor against any tank with decent pen.

      Thing is, because of its pref mm it kinda ends up being top tier most of the time, and if you are lucky/good and the enemy don't spam full gold at you, you will bounce most of the time.


      So mehhh its OP but depending on enemy line up(tds and spg rekt the is-6 hard most of the time, unless enemy is stupid and bounce with t95 off turret like they did to me a couple of times..) 

  19. the conq is actually amazing.

  20. KEK fucking Emprr thinking they are anything but literal trash.


  21. kek this vornado guy, 10/10 what a shitter

    1. Assassin7


      its apparently jessicaelbow. 


      no idea who the fuck in their right mind would be so dumb and desperate to buy a random 48% account and attempt to troll CR/D with it. its pathetic

    2. Curo


      the accounts in DOS so i mean that explains a lot

  22. Well can't say I blame FAM for asking me to leave, gotta get good first. ah well, gives me new goals to strive for.

  23. fuck me, i was going back up but once again just dropped 50 points off my recents.... fuck me i mustve had some bad stretches ive gotta play out of.

  24. Purchased:
    'IS-7' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  6,100,000.


    mistakes where made



  25. literally as i read Cr/d i cant help but think, who is this vornado guy and why are his posts so autistic.

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