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  1. Currently sitting at 464m VR with vents/optics/sit aware/BIA just obscene, and no camo paint, but 11.79 moving, 19.68 stationary.

    its just obscene, i always feel confident in spotting for myself, and when hull down vs open terrain, i feel i can hold off an army. Guns that balance of good alpha and RoF too, not like some of higher alpha guns where you fire and everything rushes to close the gap.


  2. I have the chieftain on console (and a xim4 to use a mouse and keyboard) it plays like a hull down heavy, kinda like an e5 but without the tumor. and with 113 speed, hulls weak tho vs the E5s still enough to bully 8s and some 9s tho. gun handlings so good tho, you dont even worry about poking a ridge to trade, gun handling is 215b level but with 113 speed... its not the most balanced tank and doesnt perform the greatest if not hull down tho.still in this day and age who gives a shit about balance, certainly not WG

  3. '445m' view range hahahah, idk how it works on SEA but my bloody JT and Conq have 490m view range.....

    If anything it wasnt that everything had VR (thats a good thing, makes carrying better for good players)

    For example my biggest hate for the kv3 was that it had no VR and got outspotted by anything. Giving heavy tanks the option to spot for themselves wouldn't be an issue if the maps weren't designed like corridors and tiny. Id rather see VR buffs for lights and then give us some bigger better maps. and a few good bushes.

  4. depends what I am doing and what tank I am doing it in.

    trying to bully other tier 7s in the chinese is2, not really the tank is really derpy. Flanking with an RU med, probably too confident.

    It's strange though I have a lot of confidence in certain aspects, like being able to 'side scrape' in a tank with 50mm of side armor.

    I guess confident is more situational. Though I don't always make the right choices, so that likely doesn't help.

  5. Type 59: 18: 
    WZ-111: 18
    112: 22

    T-34-3: 15-3=12 derpy AF for a med, worse hype 59, and worse than the chinese heavy trainers, and with the 113

    being so good, not as useful. buy a 112 or wz-111 instead
    59-Patton: 8
    FCM 50 t: 24
    M4A1 Rev.: 24
    AMX M4 49 (Liberté): 21
    leKpz M41 90mm:  21
    Skorpion G: 23
    Panther 88: 20
    Löwe:  30:  

    Pz. 58 Mutz (Black): 20
    STA-2: 24 +1 = 25 better than you think and better than the STA-1. All buffs have seen to that. only lose 6 AP pen and get taller but

    everything else is the same or better. plus trains a CW tank crew.
    FV4202 (P): 5;
    M46 KR: 21
    T26E5 (Patriot): 25
    IS-6 (Black): 13
    KV-5: 20
    T-44-100: 22

    T34: 17

  6. Honestly this was never really a huge issue cause theres so few clans doing tier 10, and the only risk at tier 8 is a pleb clan might not have enough lightweights. but even then....... tier 8 lock outs are short.


    Not to mention all the different viable tanks at 10s. 140s/62as? everyone has them. E5s? most people have those. Only thing that mightve been an issue was those more niche tanks, likes E3s or something.

  7. On 2016-11-22 at 0:48 AM, Tigeh said:

    I've heard good things about a few clans with a 'step up' option if your stats improve enough. I'm kind of 1-2 stages ahead of you and looking at joining a top 25 AoF clam atm but really after a clan I'll stay with beyond the campaign and grow from.


    • DUTY / ROXY are both decent communities
    • SOYUZ / MAHOU are a good group
    • SONIC / ROLED have a lot of friendly people
    • 4HIM are kinda good guys if you're okay with a lot of faith flying around.

    soyuz/mahou are not the same group????

    It's literally Mahou/Senpai w/ a side of newbi cause newbi is pretty cool

    If anything senpai is great, one of the best casual communities and you get to hang with mahou friends, not to mention a lot of former senpai's are in FAM offering more opportunities for improvement. Post Campaign, your getting something good out of it, and a clan that doesnt struggle to make dark blue recents.

    That being said you do you, but soyuz and mahou are not affiliated at all.

  8. 13 hours ago, rojo180 said:

    Can you not quote an entire post with 20 pictures in it. You fucking autist.

    Bulli :(

    but yea your right, i shouldn't do that, tried to go back and edit it once i realized my mistake but couldnt figure out how to remove the quotes.

  9. senpai, wont be doing cw, the parents clan mahou has said as such. But I mean its a super chill community and you get to hang out in the mahou ts, and occasionally they come down and hang with us. The clan post campaign will be getting back some of its veteran members and doing sh/cta. and even in 'dead' state has 67 members, and average recent wn8 of 2237  and like 56 percent recent wr.

  10. 11 hours ago, Zepherex said:

    I just had a super intriguing conversion with a brain dead tinfoil hatted moron about how my stats obviously make me a hacker. The guy pming me fail platooned a T25AT into a tier 10 game and got clipped by my TVP. 

    This went on for like 2 hours, I cut out a chunk of it because it's literally just him pointlessly rambling about how immoral it is lol.


    Post your best accusations.



















    and of course here is the best part..





    i actually know that guy, i want to kms

  11. this salt storm! jesus.

    I draw the line at trying to pin crimes on people though, for all the 'rage' and 'frustrations' unicums have I dont think any would go out of there way to try and ruin someone IRL prospects. thats just stupid.

    Also these guys get super triggered super easy. It's pretty great.

  12. 10 minutes ago, SuperTheBoss said:

    Personally optics, but I put optics on everything t8 and up because having competitive VR with your enemies (t10 meds) is worth a lot more to me than 5% better at "stuff"

    depends, but for the conq it doesnt seem to add to the dpm much and will give me an obscene vr cause this crew is actually really good. I kept vents on the caern for example cause i wanted the rof. needed that rof.

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