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  1. K-91 is the hardest T10(non-light) to play in the game, and is mediocre, not bad. Lights are hard to rate in terms of play, so much possibilities and being more map dependent Of course Leo and maybe CS-63 are close in skill ceiling compared to it.
  2. oh yea. please use my playlist for clout 


  3. It's not "people getting so hung up" its literally just Deus calling you out. Seems to me kolni has completely admitted to regretting "reflection and transferal of skills" in the past as well, but now he's changed that more/improved than before. You haven't made an fairly decipherable point/reasoning in your reply of why it matters he's "not 6k" and it's obvious through his story that tanks helped him apply his skills to other areas of life. I would imagine he's so focused on proving authenticity in reply because you pointed it out to him.
  4. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4897334#glacier-nightywulf_k91-panhard_ebr_90 So first things first, this 1v5 turned out to be a defeat. Not surprising. The only thing I'll say about my play for right now is that towards the end, after I killed the EBR Hotchkiss, I kept driving towards their cap thinking at least the Cent would chase me, trying to cut me off, but he didn't, so that surprised me when he was back at base. What did I do wrong in this game? What did I do right? What opportunities for important damage did I miss out on? Thanks fo' reading!
  5. d448d8468a9db9383e15bb957ff4a0dd.png

    Ground out A-43 to K-91 in 5 days, including all modules. 450k ish exp. 100% booster all the way. Love it

  6. Purchased: The IS-6 has been removed. The FV4202 has been purchased for gold:  1,400.

    F U C K  T H E  I S - 6

    (not in 2k14 tho <3)

    1. kariverson


      That is literally the worst tradeoff ever. IS6 might not be good now but it's still better than that POS FV. And they must be planning some sort of buff like they did with the Superpershing.

    2. #NightWolf5628


      Well they haven't announced a buff or any leaked info for the IS-6 anytime soon, and the FV4202 got a great turret and engine buff.

    3. breeeze


      "great turret buff" boy you're gonna be disappointed

  7. MAHOU. G. VILIN (but kicked out by YOUJO Cx). REEEOTTER.
    A week  ago, the four clans lived in harmony. Then everything changed when the W33B NAT10N attacked. Only the Noobwargamer_REEBORN, master of all 4 clans, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he dipped. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named TanTanTankGod, and although his airbending skills are teal, he still has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone.
    But I believe TanTanTankGod can save the W0RLD.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NightmareMk9


      TanTanCockWad will never leave my Kill-On-Sight List

    3. DirtyACE7


      This fucker was in two of my matches this morning. One he managed to throw by just sitting idly and not shooting anything even though he was full hp and there were only two enemies remained and both were one-shot. Fucking shitbag cunt!

    4. Cunicularius
  8. 61f5a376df5a997a7a37160266569bc2.png
    that is so satisfying :luvkitty:

    just for september th. #44 from December 2014 with 500+ games though :^)


  9. 22fd4cbd1ba9f2dc8651111a4e882128.png
    Two 260s, One Match

  10. Alpha is actually* 90, but same point, low potential damage for T7
  11. Could you link the source for that? edit: thanx
  12. https://gyazo.com/df930780c9f01c4d8d1f64cc7e7b84a0


    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      Play Batchat, expect the heartbreak.

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    Joined Nico~Nico~NIIII!!

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