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  1. Perhaps I'm getting a bit pessimistic starting this topic, but I think it worth discussing nonetheless. As the title suggest, until now I've been playing the game and use "Average Alpha damage" the game shown in gun statistic to make decision in different kind of situations, like whether my AMX 50 100 will one clip that guy or not, or if I can take this guy's shot or not, for example. But lately I've seen 1 hp tanks around more frequently, both my and enemy's team. It might be a confirmation bias, but it get me to think if using Average Alpha damage as criteria in decision making is
  2. From the look of it, Obj. 140 is now outright better than T-62A in every aspect since they removed the weaker turret armor, what's the point of playing T-62A now? Or was it a prelude to some change in T-62A?
  3. Oh, so the goldspamming T-54 is actually trying to be historical accurate. That's some dedication I see there, throwing away so much money like that. Not a sarcasm by the way. I disagree on the IS-3, because Real Life, Mass production IS-3 uses the D25T, the top gun of IS / IS-2. And I'm quite sure that said gun isn't viable on Tier 8+. Just, No. Not only because they're fictional tank, but even in its original game those two (plus Lupus in Blitz) are Prototype, not Mass-Production tanks, and I specifically said that Prototype tanks don't count. I g
  4. I have been wondering for a long time now, but never put it in proper question in any forum before, so I think I'll ask about it here, not sure if this's a appropriated subforum or if this question has been asked before, so sorry if this bother you all. It's as the title suggested; I want to know how many and what tanks in this game that historically see production that's genuinely good compared to other tanks of its tier - as in, they stay competitive, not a "cannon fodder" or "useless dead weight unless equip non-historical equipment". And when I said "see production", I mean that
  5. To be optimistic, this may be a either a way to balance those crazy skilled players populated the ASIA server - you know, those who have 300+ APM in Starcraft 1/2 who'll totally demolish any casual player with whatever tank they get their hands on - by giving casual who has cash to spend these tanks to drive around. Or a way to train people up for E-Sport. Because let face it, if you (or your platoon) can take Nameless and Edelweiss down with some sucky Tier 8 tanks without resorting to gold ammo consistently, then enemy team line up full of Defenders, Liberte, or Patriot - which can be f
  6. I still want to see the Lee, and many multi-gun tanks has all their gun working first. Wargaming promised that for years now. And in my opinion, it'll be adding new content to the game without having to get another "blueprint tank" or "imaginary tank" into the game like they did right now. But then again, who am I, and who are you to question the result of market study conducted by qualified expert market analysts that Wargaming employed? They said to Wargaming CEOs that adding imaginary tank, even one from other fiction works, is the way to make profit, so Wargaming going to do just that
  7. No international company worth their salt would issue any new policy without through assessment first. So the question should be directed at the market analysts they employed instead. Questioning them why they concluded that P2W model is the best way to go. It's all about business after all.
  8. If you mean the VC game these tanks originate from, back there it's pretty realistic because the enemies you face are still mucking around interwar tanks, their "Medium Tank" are just British Medium MK III with fancy paintjob, their "Heavy Tanks" is just a heavily modified Char B1. You don't really need much armor to survive what those tanks throw out. As I posted back in the first page; it's the way it is because WG balance team wanted to put it in Tier 8 instead of Tier 6 - 7 where it truly belong according to the fluff of its original game. And that's what skewed its armor value to the
  9. Before they make that thing, they should make turret gun on M3 Lee/Grant and Hull howitzer on Char B1 and its palette swap works first, because who in their right mind will buy that thing when 4 other guns can't shoot? It'll be a powercreeped TOGII* at best.
  10. From the original art of Edelweiss, I wouldn't call it entirely unrealistic as I spotted several parts of different tanks put together. Pz III transmission, Bulldog turret, German box tank TC cupola and oversized T-54 gun mantlet is what I could identified. The hull is too round to make out what it actually from though. That doesn't mean I support them for putting this thing into the game. I said above because I've been wondering for a while now that how much people is angry because it's OP, and how much is only because of who the designer was? I haven't find many Edelweiss or Namele
  11. If anything, the one we should question is market analysts in Wargaming about how they conducted a market study to conclude that selling these tanks will net a profit in the first place. After all, implementing thing ain't cheap, and don't forget licensing shenanigan on top of the usual capital cost for getting new tanks. Oh, and Asian Forum admin has this to say: Source Suffice to say, even some Valkyria Chronicles fans also find it stupidly overpowered when take the setting of their original game into consideration. To make it easier for everyone to understand; in the origi
  12. Ke-Ho is better than Chi-He in gun handling (and perhaps camo) if you check the stat in tank gg, but its front armor was so bad that any non-autocannon HE shell will do full damage to you, same as its side and rear. While Chi-He have 50 mm front armor, which, while isn't that much better, still protect you from getting derp somewhat. The difference is quite big; as 75 mm gun can 2 shots Ke-Ho with HE compared to 4 shots when using 75 mm AP on average. But not many people exploit it though. Oh, and don't forget SPG too, despite the rework, Ke-Ho will still get one-shot by them because of t
  13. I began grinding this line because of the discount and female crews from Christmas event which stretched all the way to Tier 9. (I failed to get Tier 10 discount before the time was up though) Which get me to think "Why the hell not, I have good crews already, albeit must suffer 80% penalty for a tier or two, it still better than training 75% crews until you get 6th sense any day of the week" Until I hit this Ikv 90. This tank really, really tempting me to free exp it, more than any tanks I've played so far. This thing is the few tanks that SPGs always do full damage despite the rework, e
  14. I just don't play that often though, so it took almost a year to get 50 100. By the way, I just get 2 gun marks on it today, used all AP in 100 or so games and only single clip of APCR in one lost game. Guess this tank really feel right with me. But I still run into problem time to time where pubbies on enemy team decided to kemp in place they have no clear shot at any given brawling and be generally useless except spotting and throwing a wench in my plan at going around the mass and dump clip on their behinds. Is there any way to improve on this sneaky tactic? Like, knowing if they'
  15. I can't make the derp gun work on any tank, ever. The RNG hate me when using derp, like missing a fully aimed shot on stationary target or bounce with HE because RNG say so. After a dozen games of 0 - 100 damage with 105 mm Pz IV H, I just give up and went back to historical L/48 gun, which I can make better use of. But since they buffed the Pz III/IV to have identical stats to Pz IV H when using L/48, I'm not sure anymore if there's any reason to run L/48 on Pz IV H, but I still keep it around anyway, because it's a few tanks in this game that can run historical set up without turning in
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