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  1. Hi all my name in-game is shak3rs. I've hit the glass ceiling regarding stats and can't seem to improve. I'm a pubbie through and through and have barely played competitive in my 10k games. I want to learn, havev fun and be efficient in every vehicle I play. The solution to the problem is obviously identifying the problem. Anyway, any help is welcome. Whether it be platoons, joining a clan that I can learn with via training or even just listening to someone. Thanks in advance
  2. Huh ask I'm shak3rs from na server. Excuse my text as I'm using my phone. Anyways, I've been playing for a while now on both eu and na servers. I'm stuck in a rut and would like to know how what I need to do to improve. Here is my dossier
  3. Huh ask I'm shak3rs from na server. Excuse my text as I'm using my phone. Anyways, I've been playing for a while now on both eu and na servers. I'm stuck in a rut and would like to know how what I need to do to improve. Here is my dossier
  4. Ill say this. Do you want to know why i think the majority of people on here are lifely trash? I just spoke to the commander of relic and hes basically a twenty something year old condoning childlike behaviour on forums. UNICOM clans like relic, otter, limbo and whoever else "hangs around" is giving a bad name to the "real elite" players who i read guides from. If wotlabs just had the real, mature players who have a professionalism about them it would be a better place. Therefore i apologize if i offended any of the "mature audience" with my comments. The thing that agrivates me the most is im trying to help texas on my own accord and i get trolls from relic, otter all hijacking the thread and spreading bad comments.
  5. thanks guys WOTLabs is a perfect place for all you unemployed, pants below your ass wearing, side ways cap wearing, tossas
  6. just for you guys come on limbo, relic start trolling
  7. Why should you choose TEX_2? Tex_2 recruits players of all skill. 1-100,000 Battles. We teach you how to play with the consistent support of the more advanced players in the clan. Platoons are always availible, mentoring and Team Training. Anything done regularly? Yes. We do regular Team Battles, stongholds you can expect many every week. We often win our team battles & strongholds We take part in tournaments when they are out. We are also considering clan wars, but do not yet have enough players with the acceptable tier. Who should I expect to contact? You can contact me or goto the forums and apply there are viable to respond ASAP. Any Requirements? Yes. Teamspeak is Essential to our gaming. We require you to be on Teamspeak actively, if there are any problems, do not hesitate to contact us. Viewing our website not a requirement but is highly recommended. We encourage members to view the website regularly. Strongholds requirements Tier 6 tank - KV85, VK3601, T150, KV2, CROMWELL, HELLCAT ETC Teamspeak IP? There will almost always be someone there to welcome and accompany you, if anyone questions, say you're looking to join the clan. If nobody is in the lobby, try to Poke anyone if they don't come. Don't be afraid to join, we are a kind, humorous community. The IP is: Notes Above is subject to change at any time, please feel ask any questions
  8. Haters make me famous. Thanks for keeping me in your minds for the past couple of days. thanks to the people who were kind with the replies. Finally to all the "childish" tankers who live in their parents basement...get a life, get a job but most importantly.. grow up. Ill now venture on with my life in tex2 with my new found friends.
  9. Yup texas is the one. Very laid back bunch of older , mature guys. It will definitely be a step in the right direction. Ill also be very helpful in training and strongholds. They picked up a really gifted tanker
  10. All shall soon be revealed.
  11. Nah pretty sure it's top 100. Nice try though :-)
  12. Banned? It's all good. I got the hook up with a player from a top 100 clan. Ill be joining them. You see, I'm a born leader. Off the battlefield I'm very diverse in thinking. I'm a thinking man that in games you don't have the time to make in battles where every second counts. However, if you are able to develop the ability to incorporate that into ones mind, that player can change the tide of battle and carry a team. Fortune favors the bold.
  13. k then ill take my skills elsewhere. No sweat off my back.
  14. im joining mit i actually platooned with deputy commander and dave of MM.