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  1. Whats the run down on this new campaign.. how much effort for bonds? And is anyone looking to add another player? 2850 overall

    1. Fulcrous


      depends on your perspective. in the top 5% of clans? relatively easy as long as you maintain your rating.

      not in the top5% clans? well... good luck getting enough bonds for a tank from the campaign unless you can maintain individual rating (unlikely do to top5% taking majority of top individual rating as well) or if you already have a decent chunk of bonds to begin with

      very few clans will see the 80+ tanks per clan compared to previous campaigns.

    2. dualmaster333


      But are you actually going to spend any of your bonds?!?!?!?!

    3. kreigermann


      heya Rev
      If you're interested in some bond income it is worth doing with a reasonably competent clan. get ordered around, kill doods reap a a few to several thousand bonds... fun times!

      If you're really interested in a "free" reward tank you'll need to either be in top clan and hold a lot of personal fame(which will be easier to do in elite dickpuncher clan)  or hold up to a couple hundred to a couple thousand or so bonds aside to pay for said tank.

      Annoying thing about this time around, you can qualify for a license to purchase rare-ish tank but depending on how many bonds you earn you might have to supplement with your own stash.